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Sound Off! calls published April 11, 2012
• Pedestrians have right of way

This is for drivers. Do you realize that walking pedestrians have the right of way? Three times I've almost been ran down by cars not obeying the law and the walking sign.

• City to blame on Chahalis meter absence

This is in response to meter on Chahalis Way. I'm the original caller. I want to apologize to the people who live in that house. I shouldn't be saying they're laughing at the city; I don't know them so I don't know if they are. It's just that the city is not doing what they should be doing.

In reference to the person who called in "All on Chahalis Way have meters" (published March 28 in "Sound Off!"), yes, I have a job. I've worked for the same company for over 30 years. How long have you worked for your company?

And if you live on Chahalis Way and don't know that there's not a meter, maybe you ought to get up and walk up and down your one-block street. It's not the person's fault who lives in the house; it's the city's. The city should have a way of tracking such matters.

• Six patrol cars for an accident is ridiculous

It's 5 o'clock on Tuesday (April 2). I'm going over Whitmore here about 4:45 p.m. and just got off work and I see an accident. Everybody's stopping and slowing down even though it's a green light. But what's worse is I counted at least six police cars, one ambulance and one fire truck. Obviously the ambulance and fire truck were necessary but six Ceres police? I'm guessing that's everybody who's on call at this time of the day all in one spot. I don't know why two to three police officers couldn't do that job and let the other three patrol the city and catch all the speeders on Mitchell Road or anybody doing anything stupid around town.

Six police cars? I don't know what their protocol is for an accident - I don't know what it was about - but six police cars for one scene? That's just ridiculous.

• Why didn't chief cite 99 cell phone user?

Art deWerk "Distracted driving a growing menace." Ok, he said he's driving on 99. So he was using the phone; then he goes all about this whole article about what causes (distracted driving), from sexual activity to using the phone to putting on makeup. But he sees this person using the phone. He's a police officer 24/7. Nowhere in this article does he say he pulled her or him over and give her a ticket. You're a police officer 24/7. Come on, use your brain.

• Can't wait for Mitt to take out Barack

I wanted to add my two cents to the caller of "We all misspeak, Obama included." I may be a little older than the caller but I find it amazing that our national media picks and chooses who it gives a hard time for misspeaking. I remember when they hounded poor Dan Quayle for misspelling potato. They were unrenting in making fun of misstatements of President Bush and Sarah Palin. But when Obama says something wrong, they don't make fun of him. David Letterman and others give Obama a pass. Why is that?

Honestly, it's what Obama says when he is not making mistakes in speech that concerns me. Dressing down the Supreme Court at a State of the Union speech. Talking disrespectfully of Republicans, ramming health-care reform through Congress after buying off votes with rides on Air Force One and his dismantling of the Constitution. Not to mention his spending us into the poor house, living the high life in the White House at our expense, enacting government controls of the private sector and his horrible energy policy which would all have us buying electric cars that are too expensive and too limited.

I can't wait for Mitt Romney to take this guy out of office.

• Yard sale signs are a problem still

I read the Courier and I know you have done stories on the illegal yard sale signs. The truth is that all yard sale signs are illegal if they are off the premises where the sale is. So the city just needs to pull off the signs from the poles and go cite each person for violating the law, and issue a citation. Simple!