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• Challenge of school bans on clothing colors

I am a student from Central Valley High School. I am very disturbed of the fact that there has been alot of gang activity. CVHS keeps changing the dress code because of gang activity. The colors that CVHS staff and teachers do not want anyone to wear is solid blue, red, and brown.

I understand very clearly that CVHS staff / teachers do not want CVHS students to wear solid red, and blue. Brown has not become any gang activity until this year.

I am now a junior and have not seen any brown gang activity go on at CVHS. I'm around the whole school all day long, going here and there. Red and blue has been gang activity since I was a freshman (when CVHS opened up to being a brand new school). If there is so much gang activity at CVHS then they need to pull out those students who are involved with those gangs. There are other people who will also follow their steps to be popluar, to be tough, or to be "cool" that can lead to many not to good things happen (talking about a person who goes into a gang).

Pretty soon we are not going to be able to wear our school colors (green and maroon) because that is going to be considered "gang activity." Modesto High School is not allowed to wear their school colors becasue of the gang violence. If the staff / teachers look for the larger groups with their color (the color that the whole group is wearing, and also acting like they are involed in a gang) being shown (shirts) should be took out of the school district.

Starting Sept. 10 CVHS staff / teachers will not allow CVHS students to wear the brand Famous Stars & Straps. The brand Famous is what skaters mostly wear (it is basically a skater thing). I have not one clue why a skater clothing would be considered gang activity. So now CVHS students are not going to be allowed to wear solid red, blue, brown, and also the brand Famous Stars & Straps. If staff / teachers take out those students who appear to be gang members, take those students out of the school or even the school district. The teachers / staff should not take this out on every one else at the school. There are many students who are not in a gang and dress apporiate and dress the way they want, and also do really good in school, such as myself. It is not fair to take certain things on CVHS students when teachers / staff could eliminate that problem out of CVHS. The gangs are now changing their color, so is the school going to eliminate every color that you cannot wear at school? So students go to school with no clothes on or what?

It would make a safer environment and a better school if the teachers / staff start taking those gang members out of school.

• Wal-Mart would be good for us

I live in Ceres and we need more options when my dollar is at stake. The same Wal-Mart haters say bad non-union employer but when unions workers want to spend their money they go the cheap way with contractors that use non-union workers or even illegal people. So I'm for a Supercenter here and that new tax the city wants will make enough money for police-fire to hire even more union workers . Jobs are jobs. We need more growth in Ceres and a Supercenter would be the only one for 30 miles in the area. More homes, stores and jobs - that's called growth.

Also for people to blame Wal-Mart for the loss of small stores just look at Ceres Drugs, Walgreens, Longs, Kmart - they're all still here. If you don't want Wal-Mart, don't shop there. As for crime, that's up every where.

• Healing was work of God

The Lord works in mysterious ways. It's a miracle and an inspiration to see Caleb recovered and doing so well. Not being able to play this year is a very small price to pay. May the Lord continue to bless you, Caleb, and keep you under his wing.

• O.J. finally gets his

I just wanted to say that I am glad that O.J. Simpson is staring at possibly 30 years in prison for his latest violent crime. Thank God someone had the tape recorder on and got evidence for court.

Many of us have known deep down in our hearts that he killed his wife and Ronald Goldman. We also remember the heart-breaking 911 call that Nicole Brown Simpson made crying about the beating he inflicted on her. It's too bad that jury nulification allowed this animal to walk free. Now I find peace in the fact that he's finally not going to be a free man. But will his brothers and sisters look the other way on this one too?

• Who allowed it?

I would really like to know who approved the house being built on Sagittarius near Venus Dr. The original house burned down a couple years ago and after several calls to the city it was torn down and a new house is being built but it is huge. So much bigger and really out of place of every other house in the neighborhood. Who in the city of Ceres would approve such a monstrous house? We couldn't even move our mail box because of city restrictions but this house can be built?

• Whole town needs cleaning up

Let's clean up the whole city of Ceres and take back our pride! There was a great letter in the Courier on Feb. 28 on how to get something going. I actually thought it would happen. However, no free dumping of any kind has been mentioned, nor has an organized town effort to clean up Ceres been mentioned. We used to have a very clean town. Come on, city officials, as you drive around town take a good hard long look.

We can do it!

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.