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Sound Off! calls for Feb. 27, 2008
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Wasteful government

I'm calling today in regards to our deficit in schools (funding). It seems to me that three or four years ago Governor Schwarzenegger wanted to fund stem cell research at the tune of $6 billion to $9 billion if I remember correctly. I was just reading Walt Hanline's article saying there is a $6 billion deficit in school education. So if the federal government didn't think stem cell research was that important at the time why did California go ahead and say, well, we'll do it at a tune of $6 billion?

And the city they're trying to raise our sales tax for roads again and our property taxes for schools when the city employees are getting raises and the school district are wanting to give cuts in pay. A lot of people are trying to keep their house and now they want to increase our sales tax by another half a percent, which I don't think is right; you know, find the money, it's out there. They could find it if they just roll up their sleeves and went to work.

We already passed a property tax bond a few years ago for the new high school and elementary schools, Measure J, and that was to the tune of $212 a year per average household. And now they want to do it again to the tune of almost $200 per year per household indefinitely. I just think it's getting out of hand on taxes.

We need to stop spending on things that don't matter, i.e., stem cell research.

What a billion looks like

When they (the government) talks a million dollars and a billion dollars, people sit back and say, "Oh yeah, that's a lot of money, more money than I'll ever see." But just to kind of put in perspective of what a million dollars is versus a billion dollars: If somebody had a million dollars and they were going to move $1,000 a day from one room to the next ... it would take a person almost three years. At the same scenario for a billion dollars, it would take 2,700 years. That's the difference between a million and a billion.

Bush is a patriot unlike caller

The caller of "Conservatives are unwholesome" needs a mental health check. He attacks the Christian right for its pro-war, pro-gun stance. Seems to me that if someone like George Washington could have a pro-war, pro-gun stance, andbelieve in causes worth fighting for, that people like George Bush are patriots too. The problem with liberals is that they talk smack about people who defend their very right to speak.

President Bush and Congress did not wantonly take away our freedoms. They did allow the intelligence community to check out terrorists so that they don't blow the butts off of those liberals who talk crap about their country and their country's leaders.

Seems to me that conservatives are much closer to the identity of patriot than the lilly-livered urbanites who have no clue what makes this country great - men and women who are willing to die for freedom.

Same old right-wing diatribe

So, Jeff, how'd you vote on the recall effort against Gray Davis a few years back and what was your rationale?

I think it's time we had some new perspective at the Courier, not the same old right wing diatribe. How about a second (or third) opinion every once in a while.

Thanks for report on mold

This is to thank you and encourage you regarding stories such as this construction monitoring report which told of something citizens and even newspapers disregard, but it is important and should not be hidden.

It is MOLD.

I've personally experienced with grave damage done to my own family where the damage was far more than structural to a house. It was unusual damage to persons.

Thanks again for not failing to report a minor point that is not minor at all... not at all.

Cut administrators first

I am also a concerned parent and would like to know what the School Board is going to do to fix the problem that our schools are facing with these budget cuts. I want them to cut as far away from my children as possible. Dr. Hanline always says it is all about the children. I would like to see him put the money where his mouth is. They should not be laying off teachers and other staff support. If any jobs are going to be cut it should be the administrators. They just sit in meetings in their big brick building and eat catered lunches that my taxes pay for. If they would lay off a few of them people, who make $100,000 to $200,000, they could keep four to five of the people that teach my children.

I hope this board will do what is in the best interests of my children.