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Sound Off! calls published April 20, 2011
• Supercenter may not happen

I'd like to voice my opinion on this new Walmart. You know what? It will be appealed. They're not going to build it. Don't get your hopes up. They're going to find another way, another excuse to say we can't do it. I think it would be the best thing that ever happened to the city of Ceres to put a Walmart Supercenter in. We need it. I'm 71 years old. When I go shopping I would like to be doing all of my shopping in one place. I don't want to have to run all over town. Anyway, that's just my opinion - I'm sure I'll have some flak on it.

• Trouble getting dental records

What to do? I went to (name of Turlock dental group withheld) and they wouldn't finish my service with them and I moved to another here in Ceres and I've been asking for my dental records and they have been giving me the run-around. So now I ask the people who are in Ceres what can I do and who can I call? I've even called the corporate office and nobody is helping me.

(Editor's note: According to the California Dental Association website (, the law regulating patient right to access to medical records is found in the California Health and Safety Code Section 123100-123149.5. It gives patients the right to receive copies of records within 15 days of presenting a written request or receive x-rays or tracings within 15 days of presenting a written request. The law gives the dentist the right to charge a reasonable clerical cost for locating and making the records available and charge 25 cents per page (or 50 cents per page for microfilm copy), as well as reasonable clerical costs, for copies. Or prepare a summary of the records as an alternative to providing copies or allowing inspection. If the summary option is exercised, the summary must be provided within 10 working days of the patient's request, 30 days for extraordinarily long records or if the patient has been discharged from a licensed health facility within the last 10 days. If a summary is provided, the dentist may confer with the patient to determine why the patient wants the records. If the information required relates only to specific injuries, illnesses or episodes, the summary need only relate to those items. Complaints may be directed to the California Department of Consumer Affairs' Dental Board and has a website at

• Plan for blight that is coming up

I'm calling regarding the article by Mr. Benziger, "Supercenter wins OK" regarding the new Supercenter. I'm just wondering if Ceres - in their hurry to reappropriate their development funds so the state doesn't take them - should just go ahead and approve a project for the blight that is going to be caused when they close the old Walmart and when Richland and these other stores have to shut down. So maybe they're looking ahead and projecting those dollars for that.

• What gives cable companies the right?

I want to make a complaint against Charter Communications. What exactly, I would like to ask, gives them the right to come on somebody's property, dig holes, leave a big mound of dirt laying there, come back, step all over the flowers ... not ask your permission ... hook your water hose up to their hose to use your water for whatever and how much I have no idea. What gives Charter the right to do this kind of thing? This is not right.

(Editor's note: We understand that residential lots have a utility easement, typically 15 feet from the sidewalk, whereby companies have the right to access for utility services).

• It's all downhill from here for Ceres

The April 4 Planning Commission meeting signaled the downhill slide for Ceres because they approved the Supercenter. Ceres is now being represented by Walmart, but at what cost to Ceres? Commissioner Mike Kline was the only one with any character, thought or concern for the people of Ceres. I'd like to know why Commissioner Laurie Smith was ill? Really? What did she do? Drink some of that Walmart Kool-Aid?

• Why isn't Mitchell Road traffic enforced?

I'd like to why up on Mitchell Road by the post office ... why it is that there's never any police up there with radar or any other type of traffic enforcement? The people race up and down that street 60, 70, 80 mph, and I'm not exaggerating. Big trucks, motorcycles, cars, whatever. It's like a racetrack and nothing is done. Why is this?

• Raises questions about new ballfield

There are several issues I would like to address.

First of all, we were wondering why the new baseball park known as Costa Field was not featured on the front page of the Ceres Courier? For something as big as this that attracted over 4,000 people you would think that was such a great accomplishment for Ceres that it would have made the front page. That was a huge addition to the city of Ceres. People come to play ball there from all the towns around Ceres now. It is a beautiful baseball park for the young people of Ceres. A lot of people worked really hard to get that accomplished. We now have a state of the art baseball field for the kids to play on. Just to let the public know, there are 19 Pee Wee teams this year, among all the other ages.

Second of all, I want to address the parking that is preferred or restricted parking in front of houses across from Costa Field. To start with the handicap parking is permitted there, the Ceres VIPs need to know about that. It states right on the disabled person identification receipt that a person with a disabled placard can park on streets where preferential parking privileges are given to residents and merchants. The Ceres officers do not seem to know this. The one man who lives on the said street also puts out orange cones in front of his house which is illegal. These people need to know that they cannot put orange cones out to stop someone from parking on a public street, especially the handicap in a residential neighborhood.