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Sound Off! calls published April 22, 2009
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• Limit on sale items?

I would like to comment about the 99 Cents Only store on Hatch Road in hopes that the manager might come up with a solution. I used to frequent the store about three times a week. Now I drive to Turlock to the 99 Cents Only store there instead. And why? Have you ever tried to look at the refrigeration section in the back of the store? I happen to go there on a Thursday. I couldn't figure out why 20 were gathered around like flies on honey. Well it's quite obvious, as soon as the refrigerated area is stocked, they all gather around and snatch up what's ever there before anyone else has a chance to even look at the product. I find it very disturbing that there isn't a limit placed on certain items so everyone has a chance to maybe purchase the items. After clearing out all the product - whatever it was - they then returned to their cart and proceed to wait for the next item to be stocked. I'm surprised they haven't brought lawn chairs or parking meters haven't been installed. You should really address the loitering done around your refrigeration section in the back of the store.

• Guns only mean trouble

This afternoon, I thought of writing a letter pointing out that every gunman responsible for his share of the last month's carnage, had the legal right to own a gun. The officers killed in Pittsburg? Their shooter was a registered gun owner. The eight killed at a nursing home in North Carolina, he owned his gun legally. The family of five killed in Washington, the 10 in Alabama, the shooters were all signed off as responsible citizens with full rights to their firearm.

But we've all heard the comebacks: guns don't kill people, people do. If someone set someone else on fire with gasoline, do you outlaw gasoline? I thought, yeah, enough of that debate. It never goes anywhere.

However, in hours while I sat drumming my fingers in contemplation, a gunman opened fire at a church camp in California, killing one and wounding four, and Alabama man shot and killed himself and his family of five, just days before his divorce hearing. And minutes later, as if not to be outdone, a Florida woman at a shooting range shot her son at close range, then turned the gun on herself. Yes, that last one is on video, calling to mind the latest of M. Night Shylman's really bad movies.

Each of these massacres creates more support for guns in the home, guns in the glove compartment, guns in the teacher's desk. The idea is that if only one of those convalescent hospital employees or immigration center teachers had thought to bring their AK-47 to work with them, then the crazy shooter would have been dead after a round or two.

Which raises the question: Who are the crazy shooters? Well, those other people. Not the good gun owners. The crazy shooters are those that have trouble controlling their impulses, who wake up feeling that they have nothing to live for, who come home from work in a rage, and decide to make others as miserable as they are. You know, those misfits have a fight with their boss and wish they could do something about it once and for all.

Funny thing. I feel that way about twice a week. When that happens, I reach for games, punching bag, gym membership card. No guns. I'm one of those increasingly rare people who realize that access to a firearm can only lead to trouble.

• Ceres higher cost of living?

I was calling in response to the zip code staying 95351 versus Ceres 95307. The reason I voted against it because our car insurance and our homeowners' insurance would be going up. Only because Ceres has the highest rate of car thefts and highest rate of home invasions and home thefts. So in order to go to Ceres zip, your insurance would raise $250 to $300 a year and if you don't believe me then contact your insurance agent and see how much it would go up.

I don't mind going to Paradise for my mail because it costs me less to "stay here" in Modesto.