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Sound Off! calls published April 27, 2011
• Follow the anti-Walmart money

I say big flippin' deal. So 95 or so are signed as the protest group against the new Walmart. The last I have heard, Walmart had collected over 10,000 signatures of support for the Supercenter. That's what you call outnumbered.

Citizens for Ceres say they've hired Bret Jolley all by themselves. But why is it that Bret Jolley happens to fight all the Walmart projects in the state? Coincidental that the same method is used in each town? I'm wondering if the Citizens group will be up front and let the Courier publish their financial records, Jolley's billing records and copies of their checks so we can all see who is paying for this high-priced legal eagle. The so-called Citizens group can say they are the ones fighting the project, but I'd bet someone else is paying for his services. I saw some rather shabby looking people get up at the meetings and some of them looked as though they needed to spend a little money at Walmart on clothes or money working out at the gym. I can't see them being able to write checks to Mr. Jolley.

Come clean, Citizens for Ceres. You're a front group for outside interests with ring leader Jolley being a Stockton attorney. What does he care? Oh, yeah, he makes the big bucks telling us what Ceres shoppers want. The unions propped him up with their big warchests to search out and find 95 willing accomplices, pawns in their scheme to limit choice.

• Didn't Kline have a conflict of interest?

I'm calling in response to the call, "It's all downhill from here for Ceres," (published in the April 20 "Sound Off!" section). With all due respect, Mike Kline was the only commissioner who spoke the most and made the least amount of sense. Mr. Kline, it'd be nice if you could complete a thought pattern or a sentence. You have shown me and many others that you seem to be all about looking after retailers who do business with your employer. Seems that you have a conflict of interest and should not have voted on Mitchell Ranch.

• Doomsday criers trying to scare everyone

I am not sure who the people are who are objecting so loudly to the Walmart Supercenter being built at Service and Mitchell. I can only believe they are owners of current stores in Ceres, or they know nothing at all about other areas where there are Supercenters.

I came from a town where one of the first Supercenters was built and I can tell you some of the things which are being said are groundless. In that town, there are still many grocery stores and department stores still in business and the Supercenter was opened in August of 2000. Surely, they had to do some adjusting to be competitive, but they still exist. As for the question of landscaping in the Walmart parking lot, I have another question. what is so great about the "landscaping" in either the Save Mart Center or in the Richland Center?

The doomsday criers are just that. Trying to scare everyone into believe Walmart is somehow going to ruin all business in Ceres and make our lovely city look like a ghetto. Come on, people, use the brains God gave you and think for yourself. Kudos to the Planning Commission which had the good sense to pass on the shopping center!!

I do not now, and never have, worked for Walmart.

• Clean up after your pets!

People of Ceres, when you walk your dog, make sure you pick up after them! I don't want to wake up every morning and look at my lawn and see your dog's business. That is really sick! Clean up after your pets!

• Disgusted with poop and garbage

I just returned home from a walk around my neighborhood with my daughter and we were both disgusted with the amount of garbage laying on the ground, especially along the canal, where it is a paved pathway. My 4-year-old wanted to go home and get a garbage bag, which we have done in the past.

Also, the amount of dog droppings was unbelievable, along the paved path! That is a bigger concern to me, disease etc. Are people not required to pick this up or do they just not care?

Well, all I have to say is some of us do care about our surroundings and keeping them clean, for our children and environment. My daughter should be able to go outside without having to worry about stepping in someone's dog poop.