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Sound Off! calls published April 28, 2010
• Bike path a big waste of money

I read last week about the bike path from Moffet to Central which is going to cost $277,000 to put the canal underground, allowing bicyclists access to Central Avenue. I thought I would see someone comment in this week's edition. Ceres is paying $28,000 of its share. Well, I live north of Hatch Road in the county. The state is going to grant a quarter of a million dollars in order to reduce car congestion and air pollution?

First of all, can we afford this? With Ceres facing a $3 million plus deficit and the state needing billions?

Second, do enough people use the existing bike path to justify this amount of money? I think not.

Will someone help me connect the dots and explain how this helps car congestion and air pollution. Bicyclists are not commuters; they're riding for fun and exercise.

Here's a news flash people: There is a thing called a sidewalk along Hatch Road that runs from Mitchell Road to Highway 99. The sidewalks and crosswalks are already paid for. The people of Ceres need to stop this financial folly before the city and state start doing the same thing from Central to Richland.

Where are the Tea Party people when we need them?

• Yes, Jeff, they need to step down

Thank you a great article, "Stepping down is the noble thing." All three men need to step down. They have all been found guilty of breaking many laws. Crowder just continues to amaze me. He is never wrong; it is always the fault of someone else. I really don't know how this man sleeps at night.

• Bet liberal doesn't have a job

In response to "Right wingers are the real problem," you want to make a bet the guy doesn't have a job and he's a young person?

(Editor's note: The caller sounded like a young woman but we don't know if she's employed or not.)

• Who wants to see your eyesore?

I am calling about the house on around the corner from Strawberry Fields Park with the ugly pop-up tent trailer in the street and pod storage container in the driveway. What makes you think that we want to see that when driving by or walking around the block? It is such an eyesore. Everybody on the block can't stand looking at it. I'm not even sure you can legally park that trailer in the street or have that storage container in your driveway.

• Liberal loons will be gone soon

It was apparent that I got under the left-winger's skin here. I'm replying to the one titled, "Right-wingers are the real problem." The individual stated in here that I was a fool in the way that I sounded in my last article that was printed. I understand that President Obama was voted in by a majority of people and I understand that a majority does rule but the majority has been ruled by the left since about six years ago when they took over the Senate and the Congress. And I don't hate President Obama; I just don't agree with any of his policies that are spending us into oblivion.

And as far as us being a democracy, we are a representative republic. So the fool who doesn't know what kind of society in which we live needs to perhaps do a little studying on what this country was founded on. We are a representative republic. She might want to know that.

And yes, I'm aware also that President Obama does not pass anything by himself. That's done by Pelosi and the rest of the left-wing loons who, by the way, will be gone come November.

I vote in every election. And I do follow this stuff very closely.

This is a real interesting call that you responded with. It seems to me the only hater here is a left-winger who can't stand to be proven wrong. Keep ranting and raving and blaming the right wing. But again the left wing will be out come November. We'll get rid of you liberal loons soon.