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Sound Off! calls published April 7, 2010
• Pot smoking dance instructor?

I was very appalled this evening. While in line waiting to be checked out at a local grocery store, I recognized a dance instructor from (name of studio withheld) and two friends laughing and giggling and talking very loud. As they passed right by me they reeked of marijuana. Then they proceeded to the aisle right behind me to purchase some liquor. Parents, you do have a right to call and demand that the staff be drug tested. I do not want my girls being taught by instructors who are high on marijuana.

• Tolerant only when they agree with you

I'm calling about the call "Jeff's so conservative she's sickened." Man, these liberals and progressives never cease to amaze me. Fox News and Sarah Palin are always put into (liberals') talking points mindset because they've been listening to mental midgets on the alphabet channels - ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and all the left-wing progressive liberal loons. You folks talk about being tolerant - tolerant as long as you agree with us. But anybody who doesn't agree with you, we're either a "right-wing radical" or we're a "terrorist." Come on, folks, grow up. This country, in an entitlement mindset, is being destroyed by this "wonderful" president, who by the way has spent more money in his little over a year of an administration than George Washington to George W. Bush combined. But yet you still want to blame the Bush Administration, still want to blame the Republicans. Look in the mirror, Democrats, liberals, progressives, you'll see where the problem lies.

• God bless Adam Neep

May God continue to use such brave young men like Adam Neep to help innocent people like Azerha. Adam you are a real hero and for such a time God place you where you are now. My prayers are with you and soldiers like you! God bless you!

• Courier the sweetest paper!

I think this is the sweetest paper and I am just so impressed by the kids who got honored and their stories and that it was the paper. That's awesome and I'm just very, very moved that you did that.

I'm also very impressed that you give the paper away. That's wonderful.

I love this community.

• Jeff sometimes over the edge

As far as Jeff Benziger (on "Too bad Principal can't spank again") I just don't know what he's thinking. I mean, I understand his point, but surely he can't be serious. That is not a possible solution.

I believe if we stop supporting the schools with gambling that that might help the situation. I think that's an awesome contribution to our educational system and might have triggered some release of awfulness in the spiritual world. But this spanking (column) was a faux pas on his part. It should have never been put in print. Someone should be checking for when his columns are over the edge.

• With freedom comes responsibility

I'm an individual with a family who lives in Ceres and I just opened the paper and looking at ("Sound Off!") "Reversing the charges of rudeness" and "Hello, it's an opinion page!" well Jeff, I knew you from several years ago when I was on the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce and you are so right in how you write about people. You know, it's a funny thing. We have freedoms and everybody gets these freedoms because of those who have died for it to make it what it is today. But what some of these low-lifes don't seem to understand is with these freedoms comes responsibility. Responsibility to your neighbor, to your family. You have the freedom and right to do what you want in your home, your yard, but you have to have responsibility to those around you to do the right thing, not turn your music, be respectful. I'm 51 years old and I still say, "Yes, sir," and "No, ma'am" to people and they continuously try to correct me but that's the proper thing to do and that's how I was taught.