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Sound Off! calls published August 17, 2011
• Saying thanks for rescue

Today I'm calling to thank the two firemen and the one police who came to my rescue at my home when my daughter locked her 17-month-old son in the truck with the keys in there and it was hot today. We always scream about how the police doesn't do their job but today I want to acknowledge how the fire department - the one gentleman named George - they came to my grandson's rescue. I want to thank them again very much. They did an awesome job.

• Sad to see Ceres in a state of decline

I'm calling about the article in "Sound Off!" ("Love to see new businesses here" published Aug. 3). I agree with the caller but the likelihood of new businesses coming to Ceres is grim. I agree with him saying that we have to go out of town to Turlock for our meals, you know, Sizzler's or Applebee's and what have you. And I will have to go to Turlock to shop for my groceries because the other grocery stores are dirty, you can't understand half the people because of their accents. This town is just a dirty town and it's sad it has declined so much. And I hate to even drive down Hatch Road any more. I remember many years ago when Hatch Road was a decent place and it's sad that it has declined.

• Police like to speed up Central Avenue

I'd like to make a comment on the Ceres Police Department. They think Central Avenue is a race track speedway. They never seem to be going after anybody; they're just racing from one end of the street to another. It's dangerous for our children and dangerous for our pets, especially cats if they happen to wander into the streets. Somebody needs to look into why they're flashing lights and speeding up and down the road and going nowhere. We watch them do this several nights.

• Lots of people running red lights

I see a lot of people running red lights at the intersection of Hatch and Mitchell. I am sure the city of Ceres would make a lot of money investing in a camera to catch these people.

• Raley's knew what was coming

I read in today's Bee that Art deWerk doubts the decision for Raley's to pull out of their store because of the Supercenter coming to town. That's an attack on our intelligence. Save Mart wants to expand their store into the old Rite Aid space but they're holding off to see if the Supercenter comes up and if they do Rite Aid is going to be vacant there. Raley's knew that the Supercenter was coming to town. They already had poor sales. That's why they decided not to renew their lease.

We have enough empty stores in this town. We don't need a Walmart that is empty.

We'll find out soon enough if our City Council is as smart as Turlock's.

• Latino family only has selves to blame

I wanted to comment about the young Latina who hates Ceres police. Don't you find it a bit reassuring to know that police stopped your grandparents' car because they were trying to stop what they thought were car thieves? And if your grandfather is here living legally, wouldn't it be the smart thing for the gentleman to learn English? I mean, he is in the United States, how can he get along without knowing our language? He has only himself to blame for not knowing what the police were calling out. Is he not very bright? When police pull their gun in any language it means put your hands in the air or get belly down on the ground.

I have trouble with your attitude, young lady.

• New burger joint is really good

The new hamburger stand Flip'N Burger by the AM/PM on Mitchell Road, is really good. Everybody in Ceres needs to give it a try. By far away the best hamburger in Ceres. I'd kind of like to get it out. Help a Ceres business out.

• Worried about speeding on her street

We reside by Louise and Joy streets. I receive my paper every Wednesday, and I enjoy reading about everything that is or has been going on in our area. We love this city and enjoy every minute since 2002 that we have moved from San Francisco.

I've been really worry about our street, I guess, as well as other residents from their streets area where there are no stop signs to obey. Well, this is what I mean, some drivers making either a left or right turn to Louise Avenue coming from Whitmore and the same as making a left or right turn to Louise Avenue, coming from Garrison Street, do not respect speed. They drive so fast like a bat out of heck, provably 70 mph or so. Understandably, we do not have sidewalks so people are forced to walk on the street, or some bikers passing by. Also, I've seen some gentleman riding in wheelchairs, but it seems that the city do not care for people. I mean why can they make some speed bumps on Louise Avenue or put a stop sign on Louise Avenue and Joy Street like they did on Moffet and Garrison streets. What is the problem? Money?

I think that it would put on alert to the speedy jerks who drive so fast. We are always sitting outside of our garage looking out and enjoying anyone passing by but when it comes to idiots like those our hearts tick faster and worry. I guess they are waiting for someone to get wounded badly or killed?