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Sound Off calls published August 5, 2009
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• English is first here!

I was in my bank in Ceres and I was sitting in the chair waiting and the customer service rep walked up to me and started speaking Spanish. I had no clue what she was talking about. I am not Mexican and I do not speak Spanish. I look Mexican maybe but I have not even 1 percent of Mexican in me.

She should have came up to me and spoke English first and then if I didn't speak English then she can speak Spanish. It's ridiculous how Spanish is turning into America's first language. I have no problem with Mexicans at all; my girlfriend is Mexican and I have many good friends that are full-blooded Mexican but do not assume I'm Mexican or speak Spanish. I live in America and I speak what everyone should speak. If you want to speak Spanish 24/7 go back to Mexico. I know if I was in Mexico they wouldn't walk up to me and speak English to me first.

English is our first language. Please respect that!

• Enough is enough in Ceres

I agree with the "Laughing Stock" comment. You hit the nail right on the head.

From what I understand they're going to build another grammer school on the corner of East Lane and Roeding Road and I'm wondering if they're going to name that school Pancho Villa. They have a Mexican restaurant and bar going in on the corner of Mitchell and Roeding. We need another Mexican restaurant like we need another school. We have 21 schools in Ceres. Ceres is a laughing stock of California. It's ridiculous the way they're doing things! They put a bar next to a grammer school? Come on folks! We don't need any more of this. Get a grip!

• Never vote for Obama

Those of you who voted for Obama, I hope that you're celebrating our upcoming unemployment rate, which is six million people out of work. The stimulus package hasn't stimulated much, has it?

All I can say for his medical plan is that people 55 and older are just going to be given a pain pill, even though they may need surgery. They'll be set aside like a sack of potatoes to rot!

So you've really got a good man in there. I didn't vote him and I'll never vote for him.

• Likes Stevenson Jr. High

I'm calling about the call, "Local name for local school." I am in complete agreement with the individual who left the statement. This whole situation has sickened me.

How about naming the junior high after Sgt. Howard Stevenson who gave his life for this community, who protected us for all those years and gave his life? What a wonderful way to honor him!

• Get over it Grubecks & Salters

The Grubeck and Salter family need to get over it. The new school is not going to be named after Wayne Salter. It is going to be named after Cesar Chavez. They need to move on.

• Baseball bat awaits you

Someone has walked in my backyard and taken my recyclables. I realize that this is a sign of the times, that people have to go into neighborhoods and steal plastic but this is a warning for the guy going down Capital Drive ... you get a baseball bat!

• Lane sounded crazy

The special Ceres Unified School District meeting held on July 16 to determine the name of the new junior high was a joke. Mrs. Lane's comments sounded crazy to me. She mentioned something about about not being bullied and she knows who was trying to bully her. She made the reference that God told her to name the school after Cesar Chavez. Mrs. Lane, with all due respect, it appears that you are hearing voices in your head. Your appeal to the public should disqualify your vote because you need to separate church and state when it comes in local school board decisions.

(Editor's note: In all fairness to Trustee Faye Lane, we have the text of her remarks made at the board meeting. She DID NOT say God told her to name the school after Chavez. What she said was: "Remember God created us, he didn't worry about the color of our skin or the language we spoke. There is good and bad in all nationalities...")