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Sound Off! calls published August 6, 2008
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•Americans fall behind

I'd like to respond to the caller responsible for the "Sound of poverty spoken here" who wanted to add their two cents about this language thing. Save your pennies. You're going to need them. Here me out here. Just a guess here but I'm willing to bet that English is the only language you speak. In Europe, it's not uncommon to speak the languages of your neighboring countries, which creates a region rich in culture and influence. Consider this: Many people around the world that never even been in the U.S. speak English. Maybe with that war on, or that Bozo as you call Senator Obama concedes that. The world is changing around us and a singular world view which strives for friendship and respect between cultures, requires communication. Wake up, the rest of the world has caught up to us. Our unwillingness to adapt may even put us behind other cultures.

• Barking dogs are a problem

This is about the pigeons. What is wrong with them councilmen? I hear dogs bark constantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they're worried about stinking pigeons? I'd rather hear a pigeon coo or a dove coo than put up with stinking dogs.

• Great church home available

This call is for all of you out there who are looking for a nice church home. Ceres Christian Church would like you to welcome you to come and experience the unconditional love that God has for you. Allow God to minister to you through awesome praise and worship and see the Word of God come to life. Miracles are happening every day. Lives are being changed and touched in a special way and youth are on fire for the Lord. And that is just the beginning of the new beginnings at Ceres Christian Church. There's something for everyone and we pray that people will be open and come and experience the new things in Jesus and know that God is awesome and awesomely involved.

• Dogs, not pigeons, harmful

This is in response to the article in the Courier regarding pigeons. There are a lot of pigeons that are wild. There is no easy way to be rid of the wild ones. So I do not see any harm in people having pigeons on their property. I do not have any myself and do not know any one that does but I do know that it can be a good hobby and sport. I agree there needs to be some restrictions concerning cleanliness and the number of birds one can have. Mayor Anthony Cannella said that he would not like to live by pigeons whether they're sport, whatever they are. Well, I would much rather live by someone who has pigeons than a dog or dogs that bark all the time, or one that is mean and vicious, or cats that continually use the neighbors flower beds, lawn and front or back door for a bathroom to the point you cannot even open your windows without the odor coming into the house. So I ask, is there an ordinance for dogs and cats of this nature?

• Adding fuel to the racism fire

I'm calling in regards to the comments about different races being lazy. I think everybody's who's calling about this issue and racism ... are the ones who are lazy because they have nothing else to do besides complain about other races. It' sad that this is stilll going on. I think it's even sadder that the paper is printing these racist comments. All it does is put more gas to the fire on racism in this country.