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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 1, 2010
• Why would anyone oppose flag?

This is in regards to the Denair Middle School issue about the American flag and the 12-year-old kid riding around with it. What 12-year-old kid has a problem with the American flag? They pledge allegiance every day. I believe this is stemming from vice principal who is Latino, his last name is Perez, and I think he is just wanting to curb some of this. Unless some of these parents talk bad about America at home and the kids see it as a bad sign, there's no problem with the American flag.

Again, the Morgan Hill incident several months back with the kids on Cinco de Mayo wanting the American flag, that vice principal was hispanic. So are we seeing something that the Hispanics are trying to start? I don't know. Sure seems funny though because they're trying to cause this issue.

• Ceres needs a water park - or something!

This message is for the city of Ceres and a suggestion to make money for the community and also the kids to do something during summer. Ceres should put a water park, water slides, swimming pool. I don't know how it would work out, how to start it, but I think we should petition for a water park, probably where the old Walmart is or possibly where they're going to put the new Walmart.

• Dog owner responds to criticism

I'm calling again to whoever wrote about my dog the cops ran over a couple of weeks ago. You need to get the story right before you call anyone a liar or a dimwit. The only dimwits are those speaking about something they don't know anything about. No one had any felony charges. Nobody was taken to jail but the 18-year-old son that tried to stop the cop from running over his dog, that we'd had in our family since it was a baby and since their father died. The cop was the one who put him on the road.

People have approached me and asked me how come I haven't done anything about what the cops have done to my dog. They just don't like my kids. They harass them; everybody knows that. And whoever is trying to get in my business - there was no one outside listening to this - but if they know anything, there wasn't a search warrant. They never found anything in our house. We're not murderers. My sons and I do not steal. They just want to harass teenagers who are working. They've killed two of our dogs within a year and didn't arrest anyone in our house.