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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 14, 2011
• Boycotts aren't justified

This is about the caller who said we need to boycott the union stores. Do they realize that all the truck drivers that come in and bring stock to Walmart are all union? Nobody should boycott anybody.

• Detective seeks child pornographer info

My name is Art Hively and I am a detective with the Ceres Police Department. I investigate sex cases, including crimes against children. It was brought to my attention today the article in the "Sound Off!" portion of your paper about Stonum Road and a person who lives in that area who may be a danger to the city's children.

There was no identifying information regarding the "pervert" or the author of the article. I would like to speak with the author to find out more about the person he or she was referring to and whether or not this person is a threat to our local children.

Is it possible to get the writer's information and, if not, can you forward my name and email to him or her so he or she can contact me?

(Editor's note: We published this as a Sound Off! since we don't have the caller's name nor number and perhaps the caller can contact Detective Hively.)

• People have a right to anonymity

I was reading the Ceres Courier, the Nov. 30 one, and Deana Rushton wrote about cowards and they should speak up. There used to be a "Dear Abby" column years ago and you didn't have to put your name, your address and phone number because of repercussions. People do not need repercussions. This world is getting really dangerous so naturally ("Sound Off!") should remain anonymous. People always have a right to their opinions, good or bad.

And also I do agree with Sherri Jacobsen that we do not need a Ceres Walmart Supercenter.

• TID only appeasing public with meetings

TID does not care about the fact that their rates are through the roof. Look at their facility in town with gates parking. Gated parking for that kind of facility? The Police Department has that and so does the Fire Department. TID can appease the city all they want with these meetings but I'm guessing with the higher electric bills there's more tax dollars to the city and I'm sure their retirees get some fat checks.

• Are these precautions really necessary?

Mayor Vierra, please advise taxpayers to call the Ceres Police to call the city employee to come turn water meters off and again to come turn water back on. All these civil servants are 24 hours a day on call; sounds like an expensive use of their time and mine in case of water/plumbing emergencies in my really old house. Are these precautions really necessary to be sure I am not vandalizing meter stuff I paid for? This old dog is trying to learn all these new and costly charges to improve the quality and quantity of my water coming from the ground pumps in this town. Too many agencies are cutting into my financial pie.

• Questions if all are being metered

Received my city of Ceres bill a notation "we are on metered water."

I want to know how are they going to calculate my neighbors usage when they don't have a meter. Are they going to pay a flat rate? I walk every day and I notice there are several house without meters. What is going on? When my January water bill comes due and my neighbor still doesn't have a meter I am paying the flat rate.

• Questions if all are being metered

I have always loved (name withheld's) great fresh pizzas but last night I called in an order and the young girl was very rude to me over the phone. I wanted to know what a family size pepperoni pizza would cost and she argued with me they don't have such a thing. Seriously? I'm looking at the coupon that has the sizes! "Our manager won't let us take coupons anymore," she tells me. Really? Alright so give me the large three topping special for $10. Just make it double pepperoni and extra cheese. We can't do that either maam! It has to be separate toppings! Excuse me! There's plenty of other pizza places around! No more (restaurant name withheld) for us!