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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 15, 2010
• Waiting patiently for the project

I would like to comment on your article about the Super Wal-Mart.

I have been waiting patiently for the Supercenter to come to Ceres. I say "bah" to all the cons of this. The pros far out number the cons. I do most of my big grocery shopping at Winco. I do shop at Costco also. I don't by much clothing at Wal-Mart, but just about everything else is bought there including groceries from their very small grocery isle.

• We need the jobs and revenue

I think that Ceres should let the Walmart Supercenter come into town. We need the jobs and revenue more . The Supercenter will bring good things to Ceres. Our town has nothing anymore. You have to go to Turlock or Modesto to shop. The panhandlers are so bad, that I don't even shop in Ceres unless necessary. The Supercenter will draw people from all over the Valley. If the city passes up this opportunity, then we need a change in our City Council and Planning Commission.

Here's hoping that the city staff wakes up soon. Turlock is reconsidering the Walmart Supercenter. They already have everything. Get on the ball, Ceres.

• Faulting Christmas Festival for two things

I think it was a nice idea for the Christmas Tree Lane but I have two things to say about it. 1). They should have left the yellow barricade open so that it was handicapped accessible because this is like cramped trying to push wheelchairs and strollers across the crowd. 2). They should never upload the face pictures to a public website because then anybody can get your pictures and use them for anything. Outside of that it was terrific except, of course, the rain, but of course nobody could help that.

Keep up the good work on those houses because they put a lot of effort into them this year and it looks beautiful.

• Police didn't arrest grown men fighting

This is a comment in regards to Art deWerk's "All fighting in public is a crime" article. It's kind of funny that he writes this when I called police about two weeks ago because two grown men were fighting. One had blood all over his hands. But the police refused to bring them in stating that unless it was a good enough case of violence they couldn't do anything about it if they're not willing to press charges against each other. I just think it's kind of a strange article after the police officers at one scene - I even called the watch commander - said there was no crime. I think the police should get together and talk about this because obviously they're not doing what their chief is stating in the article and I find that a big concern especially if too grown men are drinking and causing bodily harm upon each other.

• Rockefeller display worth seeing

I know our economy's tight so I guess people are holding back on Christmas decorations. It's kind of sad because here we are days until Christmas and it just seems like there just isn't any holiday spirit out there and not very many decorations. But I was taken by surprise last night ...on an untraveled road, Rockefeller in Ceres. I came across these lights. It was beautiful. It's a towing service over there. I thought maybe if the public knew that it was there they might also like to go by and see it.

• A right to wear a Christian T-shirt

I'm concerned about First Amendment rights of students. I have a daughter who was told by a teacher at school that she couldn't wear a T shirt that displayed the cross on it. I think the school teachers in the school district of Ceres need to find out what rights students have when it comes to First Amendment rights. Student rights are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

I was also told by my other children that they had witnessed the above teacher telling another student, who had a set of praying hands on the back of shirt, he could not wear the shirt to school.

If you go onto the website of American Center for Law and Justice, or, it says a student has the right to wear T-shirts with religious symbols.

I just wonder how many teachers are violating students' rights by telling them they can't wear T-shirts with a cross on it ... because it might offend somebody. It's ridiculous.