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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 29, 2010
• Caller has multiple concerns

I'm calling in a few comments for Sound Off!

One thing I'd kind of like to throw out there, I've heard people talk about splitting up California into two different states. I think it would be better if we did it in three different states when you look at how the voting turned out on Nov. 2. For the most part it was all left voting, Democrat voting on the coast and in the Valley and mountains it was pretty much all Republican. We'd have one state with the coast. They could vote what they want. One state would be the Valley and they could vote pretty much what they'd want. And then the people up in the mountains could vote what they want. California is big as it is. It's almost too big when it comes to elections with California having over 50 electoral votes in the presidential election when you only need 210 to win the presidency.

Another issue I have is about drilling for oil and mining for gold in California. California is broke and Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency and I believe we are in debt $159 billion and no money coming in. Basically we're broke. If you look at the countries in the Middle East - Saudi Arabia, Dubai - they have tons of money and basically the wars are to help the free flow of oil for the economy. We have oil here. We need to drill for it. Some day there might be a battery that comes out or something that can power a car or truck down the highway without burning fossil fuels. When that day does come oil will be useless and we'll be sitting on oil that is worth nothing. Why not drill for it now and get our state out of debt?

Another issue I have. We're talking about building a wall to keep illegal immigrants from coming to the United States and taking our jobs ... but I think the Secretary of State should go down to Mexico and talk to their government and get them to where they have jobs down there. If I was living in Mexico and I needed to feed up here and feed my family, I would do the same thing so I really can't blame them for doing that.

Building a wall is just kind of a joke.

• Ceres Post Office lacks pride

Lack of pride or lack of management? As of Dec. 21 and at least three comments to post office staff since the first week of December, our post office looks horrible. The leaves have begun to mulch and are slippery. I guess someone has to get injured before the parking lot is cleaned up.

No excusses for such a mess!

• Questions city officials

Thank you for letting me have a voice.

So let me get this straight. The water meter requirement has turned into another fiasco. Not enough meters and now we have to buy some more.

Anthony Cannella runs for another political office while still holding one. If you and I were to do that with our jobs we'd get fired. The city council wants to appoint a mayor and not allow the citizenry to elect someone; obviously because they know what's best for our community.

Lastly, what's next? Another tax increase that will solve all of our problems. Wait, we already tried that and we all know what a failure that was.

Thank you for letting me have a voice.