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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 7, 2011
• Pro-Walmarters won't shut up

I want to add my comments to the comments back and forth between us Walmart supporters and Deana Rushton. I read the letter Mrs. Rushton wrote that you guys printed on Nov. 30 and she didn't address a single issue brought up by the caller of "Criticism lodged at Jacobson, Rushton," published on Nov. 23. Mrs. Rushton blasts the Courier for having the "Sound Off!" line. Sounds like a case of shoot the messenger. She refuses, in her comments, to ever prove us wrong. It's like the whole bunch cannot defend themselves; they just want us to shut up.

So far nobody from Citizens for Ceres has revealed who is funding their mission to fight Walmart. We're not shutting up.

• Coaches are to blame for lousy records

Regarding the football programs at Ceres and Central Valley high schools, the parents of those athletes and the athletes themselves deserve a lot better than what they are getting from the head coaches. The records of the teams that Ceres High beat were East Union, 1-9; Livingston, 5-5; and Pacheco (a first year school ), 2-8.

The record at Ceres has been abysmal over the last few years and the coaches would have you believe that those records reflect a lack of talent. Nothing could be further from the truth! Central Valley had a 4-6 season which is misleading based on the fact that two of the teams were first-year programs without seniors and the other two were both 3-7 teams who did not beat a team with a winning record. The only quality win between the two programs was the Ceres High win over Livingston who went 5-5.

It's not that we don't have quality athletes or that we have two high schools in Ceres (major excuses). We have ineffective coaches who don't know how to prepare those athletes to be successful, much less to win a few football games.

It has been unfortunate that many of the quality athletes who live in Ceres have had to go to other schools to get a level playing field to compete on. They have achieved all conference honors at notable high school programs such as Pitman, Modesto Christian, Downey, and Central Catholic, etc., but, were told they weren't good enough to play at the Ceres schools.

• Poor sportsmanship at rival game

The annual crosstown showdown football game between Ceres High and Central Valley High is always a fun event to attend. It should be enjoyed by all Cereans, whether you are a Ceres fan or Central Valley High School fan. But some try to dampen the mood with poor sportsmanship this year. My feeling is that these are both Ceres high schools and even though some rivalry is expected, bad sportsmanship should not be tolerated. Ceres coaches and wives made some not-so-nice remarks and in the end Central Valley didn't need more than three signs or tunnels or restrictions to our band. We are winners without all those trimmings and still won even when Central Valley coaches put in their second string trying to even things out a little bit. The coaches at Central Valley High School are awesome.

Maybe next year good sportsmanship can be better promoted by allowing both teams to decorate and celebrate at the same levels without restrictions to one or the other. It would really send a positive message to all the kids and fans.

• Poor taste for faiths to attack each other

I would like to comment in regards to Pastor Dave Broyles' article on Mormons. I find it odd that most Christians want to spend their time proving that Mormons are not Christian. They love picking on the Mormons, their peculiar mythology, and their sketchy polygamist and racist history as if their own religions hold none of the same faults and peculiarities. I believe Pastor Jeffress's own brand of Christianity was at one time considered unChristian and banned in several of the original colonies.

It is in such poor taste for religions to pick at one another, when they are all equally mistaken, have equally shady pasts, and believe in equally silly mythology. They could all bicker with one another all day trying to decide who the real Christians are, and when they solve that they could continue arguing with the rest of the world's religions about which god is the real God and who He's going to save. I find it very hypocritical to criticize any religion unless you are an atheist as any religion is just as unfounded as the next.