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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 8, 2010
• There's cold thieves out there

Someone broke into our car last night and stole - among other things - my child's baseball gloves. This may seem petty to most, but it was more than that - my son has been fighting cancer on and off since 2005 and last year while he was in the hospital we bought him this glove. He was 10 then, and he loved that glove. He oiled it, wrapped it, and made sure it was perfect, so when he was able to, he could take it to the park with his sister and brothers to play. And when he was released from isolation, we did just that!

However, when he gets home from school today - yes, he is able to go to school now - I have to tell him that his glove, along with ours and three of his little brothers gloves were stolen. Tools were taken, the stereo, and a few bats, but it will not be easy to replace all those gloves, at Christmas time. The other gloves are important too, but my son's was special. We would play catch in the hospital, when the nurses weren't looking, and he smiled like he was in the World Series.

I know I should not care about material things, my son is healthy right now. However, I am disgusted with what kind of people creep around our neighborhoods and homes at night.

Our car was locked, the items in the trunk, but that didn't stop them. Be careful, this world isn't what it used to be.

• Tired of hearing from owner of dead dog

I'm calling in regards to the woman whose dog was killed by police. I'm really getting really tired of seeing her responses in the newspaper. She doesn't know me but I know her sons and anyone who knows those guys knows that they're gang-banging hoodlums. And for her to say that she doesn't have any murderers in her family is a lie; her oldest son is in prison for murder. So the moral of the story is if you don't do crimes you don't have cops at your house.

• Reader favors Supercenter project

Jeff, I read your editorials regularly. Sometimes I agree with you completely and sometimes, not at all. Regarding the Ceres Walmart, I agree completely. Good job. Maybe a little attention from the Courier will prompt the Planning Commission into finally acting. It is about time Ceres grew up and developed a major shopping outlet.

• Police selectively enforcing law?

I just sat down to read the Ceres Courier and have noticed a report of a arrest made on two females in Ceres for making terrorist threats.

It really makes me sad to know that I have helped a lady that was being beat and her ex-husband was calling her and in face-to-face conversations would tell her that "I will kill you if you go to the police." She did what the police department said and was granted a restraining order against this person. Every time this person would come around her she would call and they told her to file the online report. Sixty-one online reports were made against this person with the cops having to be dispatched to the residence at least on 12 seperate occasions, but even when he was telling his ex-wife he would kill and blow the house up, they said file a report online and we will look into it. So why didnt they do their job then? But in at least three Ceres Crime Digest reports they report how they did their duty. Why then, did they now know this person and arrest him? If at any time the police department wants to challenge this feel free because I have a three-ring binder and 11 days in court to prove this concern.

So Ceres Police Department, let's be fair and not discriminate on who we arrest. I'm a very concerned citizen; my rights are not protected by these men in uniform that make their own interpretation of the law.

• Supercenter would bring lots of good

I think it's great if the Walmart Supercenter comes to Ceres. It will bring in a lot of good to Ceres in many ways. Unfortunately, Ceres doesn't have much to offer. You have mainly fast-food restaurants and family owned or small type of places to eat. With having the Walmart Supercenter, not only will serve the city well with jobs, but it will bring in money and bring in people into Ceres.

As for now, let's face reality, most Ceres residents leave the city to go elsewhere to shop or to go out to eat to some nicer restaurants. Ceres residents either goes to Modesto or Turlock to spend their money instead of keeping it within the city. Ceres needs to offer more to their community and Walmart Supercenter will have everything the residents need.

I am so in favor of this store, that even though I live in Modesto and shop at the Walmart Supercenter store there, I plan on going to Ceres because this store is going to bigger and will have better choices than the Modesto store. More money for Ceres and that is always a plus.

• Selfish reasons for wanting Supercenter

For selfish reasons, I am looking forward to a Walmart Supercenter being built in Ceres, if it is at Mitchell and Service roads.

I live in the subdivision on the frontage road on the way to Keyes, so that would be a very convenient location for me.