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Sound Off! calls published Feb. 4, 2009
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• Thanks for helping

It's nice to see how our city has good Samaritans who are willing to give a helping hand, but go without notice. I want to thank you all who stopped and helped my husband who is 73 years old. On Jan. 30, at Carl's Jr. parking lot off Mitchell and Whitmore he got a flat tire on his car. He was attempting to change the flat tire on his own when he fell down and injured himself. Several citizens noticed the accident and came to his aid. Fortunately he wasn't injured too bad. One citizen lend a cell phone so I could be contacted at home while they changed his tire.

We would like to thank everyone who helped my husband. We are forever grateful and appreciate all you've done. It's good to know there are people out there willing to make a difference. May God bless you all. Lily & Frank O'Hara

• Postal service getting worse

I wanted to get this off my chest because I have had it with the postal system. I read that they want to get rid of Saturday mail service. I remember when they used to have Sunday service. Now they want to only deliver mail Monday through Friday after jacking up the stamp rates?

They wanted a stamp increase to pay for higher gas prices. Now that the gas prices have dropped quite a bit, do they ask for a decrease in stamp prices? Hell no.

The service sucks. I recently had someone in Virginia Beach, Va., mail me a package. It had $25 in shipping on it and weighed less than eight pounds. It was mailed Jan. 5. It didn't get to me until Jan. 16 - that's two weeks. Lousy service for a high price!

And with this bad economy, do you think people need to be losing wages, not cutting back on employee hours?

I say open the mail service up to competition. I might put the U.S. postal system to shame.

• Not all pitbulls bred to fight

I wanted to call in and comment about Chief Art deWerk's column in the paper. He's talking about the dog fighting and about how people only breed pitbulls to fight. I just wanted to let you guys know that I've had pitbulls all my life as pets and ... know plenty of people who own them as pets and they are just the most loyal dogs you could ever have. They will protect you and everything. Most people do not breed them to fight. Most people who have pitbulls are against (dog) fighting. I would just like for everyone to get that straight because it really gives putbulls a bad name. They don't deserve that; they're really good jobs.

• Where were the protesters?

According to the Courier, a majority of Ceres bill payers didn't protest the water and sewer rate hikes. Where was everyone? I want to know: Did a majority of bill payers toss the pamphlets in the trash instead of reading what was mailed to us in our utility bills? The rate hikes are huge (especially the sewer hike) and I am sickened by the low turn out. Bill payers, why didn't you get out your pad and pencil and scribble down something in your defense?

Regardless of the count, I would support the city if they offer everyone who opposed the rate hikes and got their letters in by Jan. 26, a discount. Anyone who opposed the water or sewer or both rate hikes, should get a break on both services regardless of their income or social status.

Come on, city people, do us a favor. We will do the same for you.