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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 13, 2010
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• What is protestors' story?

I was just wondering if anybody knows the story about the man who always stands on Ninth Street over by Smart & Final in Modesto. He's always holding these signs up about what the courts did to him and his family.

• Irritated at drug dealer in Ceres

I'm a really irritated citizen. The amount of methamphetamine that is sold around Ceres is absolutely ridiculous. There are several different homes that continue to sell this drug over and over and over without any consequence. One of the people is somebody that's called Momma Serra. Everybody in this town - including the Police Department - knows what she does and I'm irritated at why this woman is continuously allowed to sell this drug and never get busted. Everything in her front yard has been stolen out of other people's front yards and traded for dope. I mean her house is full of jewelry that is other people's stolen jewelry. I'm really irritated. The Ceres Police Department are totally aware of this and every tweakers in Ceres goes to her house. She's no respecter of persons, old or young, if you've got money or something to trade, she has dope; and I'm just wondering when it's going to stop. It's really irritating and frustrating to the people who want to have a decent life and want to protect their children from people like her.

• Hospitals would rip off Uncle Sam too

Just before Thanksgiving I was knocked unconscious when I wrecked my bicycle. I was taken to the Emergency Room, apparently by ambulance. I was told I had been given a CAT scan and X-rays - two exposures. They did not clean my rather extensive facial wounds or as far as I know do anything else for me.

Just the other day I received a bill for over $18,000. Since I have no insurance the bill was discounted to just $4,000. My point is this: Why would they have charged an insurance company $14,000 more than they were going to charge me? Could this be why insurance rates are so high? Because doctors and hospitals are gouging them for an extra 400 percent?

The above represents my only objection to a national health-care system. If hospitals will gouge they would surely cheat the federal government and you and I out of our tax dollars.

• Dog dumping lady was watched doing it

This is to the Hispanic lady in the dark green Explorer who just abandoned her dog on Lunar Drive in front of my house. I know what you look like, I know your vehicle and I've got half of your license number and I am going to find you and I am going to turn you in.

• There's crime even in good parts of Ceres

I recently moved from a very known bad part of what I thought was going to be a good area...right by the police station. The other night while we were home, somebody came into my yard and stole quite a bit of stuff off my front porch. I just makes me angry that you move to a good part of Ceres and there's still people who trespass and take things.