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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 18, 2012
• Just make sure they are legal

This is referring to the Jan. 4 edition of the Courier and I was reading "Grocer to fill Raley's building" and I would just like to give kudos to Stephanie James. At least she admits they're looking for Spanish speaking people. Anymore when I apply for a job that says bilingual I just wish they would say what they mean.

I would only ask that she please make sure that all the Mexicans she hires are legal.

• Ridding world of degenerate scumbags

Every week I open the newspaper in Ceres and read about these scumbag degenerate punks who break into people's houses in the middle of the day and I just experienced three of them trying to break in my house at 8 a.m. on Thursday morning. You guys who think you're going to keep on getting away with this, one day you're going to go in the wrong house and someone's going to be blown away and the world will be a better place.

• Romney worst candidate since Nixon

Obamacare is Mitt Romney's baby and it's following him around like a shadow. Romney is the harshest critic of America's Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). "Repeal Obamacare" is the centerpiece of the Republican Party's 2012 election strategy. Obamacare was modeled after Romneycare which Mitt created as governor of Massachusetts; modeled right down to the "individual mandate." which Republicans plan to use as a cudgel to attack Obama.

Romney says he will repeal Omamacare his first day in office as president, which will leave 40 million newly insured Americans without health care. This is in keeping with the Romney persona and as one columnist so succinctly says, "he (Romney) is the slimiest Republican candidate ever, worse than Richard Nixon.

• Nails don't belong in trees to be recycled

Two neighbors took the opportunity to place their discarded Christmas trees on the yard work pile I had previously place in the street for pickup. One person hadn't bothered to remove the 2x4 supports and three large nails from the tree. Nails can both damage city equipment and city workers. I had to grab my hammer and remove the hazards from the pile.

• All cops have something to prove

I'm just sitting here watching the news and I seen the little spot here with the cop punching the lady while the other cop's holding her hands behind her back and just wanted to say he's probably like every other cop on the planet who was bullied as a boy and never won a fair fight in his life and will always look for the opportunity to be a tough guy.

• Village Chapel a great place to worship

Anybody who is looking for a home church or a church to go to, if you're feeling the need for Jesus to get on the right track, Village Chapel Church has great pastors, great congregation, great family church. They welcome any and all. Come and join us on Central Avenue. Look up the phone number and give them a call.

• We need Supercenter, not Rancho market

I need to comment on this new Rancho San Miguel Market. We already have two Mexican markets in Ceres and everybody's okay with this but then they want to down the Walmart Supercenter which we really need because I have to drive all the way to Winco to buy American type foods. Let's get this Walmart Supercenter built. We need it in Ceres.

I've lived in an area before where there's a Supercenter and people would be supplied the benefits of having it and it's more jobs than one new Mexican store.

• Anybody but Obama

I am not concerned that Mitt Romney is not as conservative as Gingrich. I say anybody but Obama. He's ruined us.