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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 25, 2012
• Disappointed category eliminated

I wanted to say I was very disappointed in the Ceres Courier this year. I look forward to filling out the Best of Ceres form every year. This always gives me a small chance to try to show my appreciation to businesses in Ceres. There is one category that should shine every year, which is "best child-care." Without child-care many parents are not able to even go to work. I have a two-year-old daughter and 10-month-old daughter that have been going to Kiddie Kingdom Preschool in Ceres since they were six weeks old and I am very proud of my day-care! Without Kiddie Kingdom I would not be able to have a job and support my family. And it is just disappointing to see that every year it has been in the Best of Ceres and it is not in there this year, but yet there is a favorite steakhouse, and theaters to pick? This just makes no sense.

• Retail Christmas help is always layed off

This is in regards to the Sound Off! call "Walmart is not the place to work" (page A5 in the Jan. 11 edition). Well, all the stores after Christmas lay off all the Christmas help, not just Walmart. She should check around and see J.C. Penney's, Macy's and all the department stores cut back after the holidays.

Also, we need that Walmart. It could not make crime any worse than it already is in Ceres because in reading this paper that's what it's all about, criminals.

• All should have a chance at jobs

Are we still living in America? You know what's really sad? They're opening up that new store up there on Hatch, which is great. A new business for people to go to work but you have to be bilingual to go to work there. I think that's wrong and everyone should have a chance to get a job. To me that's prejudice against people who can't speak Spanish. They ought to think about that.

• Maybe a new fight for Sherri Jacobson?

This message is for Sherri Jacobson. She's so worried about the Supercenter coming into Ceres but she needs to stop and focus on another Mexican store store coming into Ceres that's not going to hire people who can only speak English. It's only bilingual people. At least Walmart will hire white people too and they do speak English there.

• Why another Mexican market?

Another Mexican market? Don't we already have some of those? Yes, I believe we do. The Mexican markets I've been in are nasty; the floor is dirty and not mopped. There's roaches and crickets all over the floor. No one speaks English. The men that work there are pigs and look at women like we're meat. And the cashiers look at you like you're an alien.

You say "no" to Walmart but it's okay to put up another Mexican market? Why even another grocery store at all? Don't we have enough of those already? Why not put a Sonic or In-N-Out Burger? A Ross would be nice.

I can hear it now, "Come on down to Ceres where we have the largest selection of Mexican food and dollar stores! Need home improvement products? We have it all! Just don't forget to remember your license plate number because your going to need it!"

(Editor's note: For the sake of accuracy, the city didn't say "no" to the Walmart Supercenter; the project was approved but being held up in court by a group of opponents naming themselves Citizens for Ceres. On the positive side, indications are that Rancho San Miguel will be a clean, top quality grocery store to occupy an existing vacant commercial building).

• Classified staff deserving of recognition

I want to thank you for highlighting the great classified employees of the Ceres Unified School District. It was nice to see the honorees get some recognition for all their hard work. The teachers should not get all the praise for success.