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Sound Off! calls published Jan. 4, 2012
• Return the flag of U.S. veteran

I'm hope whoever stole a flag for our house will bring it back. You stole it from a disabled veteran. So if you would, please return the flag. You know who you are. You're nothing but a low life. Steal it from a veteran? What is wrong with you people? Just return the flag. Calcagno Street.

• Do you proofread your paper?

I'm just wondering if anybody bothers to proofread your paper. Every week I read it and I'm horrified at the amount of errors in it like in your year in review you say Homecoming Queen Veronica Reyes and Homecoming Queen Javier Velasco. I'm sure he loved being called a queen.

• Is this what Ceres calls progress?

Another school? Ceres is paying for another elementary school on Roeding. What do they plan to do with a 200-year-old pine tree? I would hope they are planning to build around them. And what will happen to the family of foxes, racoons and beautiful peacocks that live there for decades?

I guess this is what Ceres calls progress.

• Supercenter won't improve job picture

Does anybody ever hear of the expression "We the people, by the people..." According to the "Sound Off!" about why people don't stop (talking) about Walmart and giving us more jobs, first of all, the way to create more jobs is quit having automated things when you can the telephone company, when you call your cable TV company, when you call anybody. We would have more jobs instead of having robots and computers to answer the phone. You'd create more jobs there.

Now back to the Supercenter, this is a fact, not an opinion. There will be jobs when they first set it up. After that the jobs will decease. People will lose their jobs, they will work like slaves. One department will be doing two or three departments. And there will be more drugs around the area, there will be more car thefts. There will be a lot more problems than you can imagine. Then the people who get hired will not get hired as full-time workers and they will not have benefits because Walmart is trying to delete full-time workers. So union would be a good idea because then it will be fair.

Whether I'm pro-union or non-union is irrelevant. Actually it doesn't matter to me. Do I need a job? Yes I do. Do I want to work? Yes, I do.

The Walmart Supercenter will not create new jobs.

• Recreation facilities are needed locally

This is in regards to our Walmart Supercenter that is supposed to be coming to Ceres. Well I've lived in Ceres since many years ago and my mother grew up in Ceres and she's 92 and back then we used to have a walk-in movie theater and the Ceres Drive-In. Now we don't have anything for families to do in Ceres. It would be really nice to get like a Funworks or Boomers there or a walk-in theater for families to do together. It'd be nice to fix up the old Ceres Drive-In. We do need a Supercenter but we have enough stores and apartments and houses and food facilities as it is now. But we need something for the parents and their children to do in Ceres.

• Schools doing right by students

I'm calling about the person who put in "Teachers should be understanding." The caller says the student who was complaining about being punished for being tardy has a point. Then he goes on to explain how he had car trouble himself and was late a minute and got an hour after school.

Well, really, it's part of the training that a kid needs in life. There are often no breaks in your job when you're late. In fact, kids get by with way too much and they start thinking the outside world is as soft as they are in school. Your boss won't be very tolerant when you consistently show up for work late and doesn't really care that your car is an easy excuse. Buy a good dependable car and do the responsible thing and show up on time. Or leave 15 minute so that if you do have car trouble, you will have plenty of time to arrange for another ride or take a walk to campus.

Our world needs to teach responsibility is important and schools need to take a hard-line approach to students who think they don't have to abide by rules and standards of conduct. The students need to learn what a starting time is.