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Sound Off! calls published July 13, 2011
• Wants team to make good

I'm calling about a fundraiser that Central Valley High School's football team was having. They came around selling tickets for a car wash and it just so happens that it rained that day so of course I realized the car wash had to be cancelled. And when I asked the neighborhood boys who I bought the tickets from - I bought five tickets - and the boys said they have no plans of rescheduling the event. I can't get anybody to tell me do we get our money back? The football boys who sold the tickets said no but I think whoever the coach is needs to do something about the cancellation of the fundraiser that was supposed to go on on June 4.

I do realize the rain was the fault of it being cancelled but I bought $25 in car washes and I'm told sorry Charlie. I don't know if any of the other fundraisers at the high school will be funded by me and my family any more.

• Caller doesn't know Kari Abbey, does he?

I'm calling in regards to the article on Kari Abbey, "Kari Abbey is a dangerous woman." This is to the person who wrote that, how dare you? Do you even know Kari Abbey? She is a good person and how do you know what's going on behind closed doors or even in her life? How do you know about all these charges up against her? Isn't a person innocent until proven guilty? So how dare you judge her.

I've known her for her whole life. I've known her family my whole life. They are good, hard-working people and until you know what's really going on, how dare you judge somebody like that. You need to clean out your own closet before you start judging other people.

• Good honest people still abound

I would like to thank the gentleman and teenagers who found my phone and came back to return it. It's nice to know that there's still some honest people left in this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

• Get rid of creepy graffiti near Post Office

If you go into the post office and look at the right hand side you'll see this creepy little man in graffiti stuff with a Nazi sign in the middle of his head. They need to get rid of that. This is something that the kids see and they're not supposed to write on the wall; why can they write on the wall? And I saw a bunch of Nazi signs and graffiti. Why don't they get it off of there?

(Editor's note: While we are not defending the art on the side of the tattoo parlor, we saw the art and note that is not a swastika on the character's face. You asked why they can get away with it? It's their wall. The distinction is that vandals usually mark up someone else's property.)

• All are to blame for trashing of Ceres

I'm calling in response to "Who do we blame them?" I don't think it's fair to blame just Latinos for the so-called trash around Ceres. White American, myself, and I am surrounded by Latinos as well as blacks. It's not just the Latinos trashing the community. It's all of us. I myself have witnessed the same race as myself trash parking lots, throw trash as they're walking down here because of the new Rite Aid that was built, throwing trash everywhere. It's all of us and all of us in the community should start cleaning up our town and be proud of our town as we were back then. Yes, it has been getting out of hand. Why? Because we're letting everyone do this. We need to, as a community, have a clean up day once a month or once every so many months and all of us get involved.

It's wrong to point out one race. It's unfair. It's not just them. All of us are trashing Ceres.

• Caller angry over slam against Benziger

I just wanted to comment on the article "Benziger is a menace to society." (July 6 "Sound Off!") What society are we talking about? The Hispanic society that does not believe in our old-fashioned ways and the way that we live our labors and try to do right, pay our taxes, work hard? These are American values and if Hispanics can't live with it, then get out of the country.

And by the way, Jeff, how do you like being told by an illegal to pack your bags and move? What does he want you to do? Go take over his old country that he ran away from? Should you run to Mexico where you don't have anything in common with the Mexican people there? You don't talk the language. Well, you'd have to learn because they wouldn't put up with you speaking English in their country.

And you would have to work and do certain things to survive. It's a matter of survival. In America we give people handouts. We don't make them work. If they have enough babies, the state and county will pay for their living and they can run around and graffiti our walls. You're so proud you have to tag your name all over everything. Give me break! That's not pride, that's just plain old stupidity.

And, yes, you can call me a bigot if you want to but the truth is the truth. Jeff Benziger isn't the problem. His ideas are right on. He's a man who loves God and country. And he writes about what's best for our country and tries in inflict the rules for living that God would want you to embrace.

• The young people are doing all the trash

Instead of blaming Latinos, I think we need to look to our young people for all the trash. Let's face it, it's the kids who don't give a crap about trashing Ceres. White and Latino teens and pre-teens. You don't see 40-, 50-, 60-, 70- and 80-year-old people trashing. They have more common sense.