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Sound Off! calls published July 2, 2008
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• Question for CYB board

Now that the regular baseball session is over for CYB, I have a question for the its board members? How is it possible for them to allow the coach for the All-Stars gray team to pick seven freshmen high students to be part of the team? First of all, none of them participated in the CYB games all year. Secondly they had a pool of 35 players to choose from who tried out for the pony all-stars. What kind of message is that sending our young men who played hard all year, and their family's that participated in all the fund raisers, not to the mention moral support?

It seems the league is more focused on winning no matter what the cost.

• Tenderbox ready to go up

We are in a very severe drought situation. Winds are high. There's lots of high growing grass and weeds around all these vacant recently bankrupted homes. I know, why don't we sell fireworks??!

• Favoritism witnessed

This is in regards to the "One-sided umpiring" (call published June 25). I was at the same game and I saw the same thing. That's a shame. That should not be allowed. CYB, shame on you.

• Obama very unpatriotic

I'm calling on Obama. Just two facts: He refuses to wear the American flag pin on his lapel and he doesn't pledge allegiance to the flag. He'll stand there but he doesn't put his hand over his heart, nor does he recite the words. So I've never heard of any presidents or someone running for president doing this. It is very unpatriotic.

• Obama hardly the messiah

I would like to respond to "In love with Obama" that was published in your June 25 "Sound Off!" column. This caller sounds like all these other Obama Kool-Aid drinkers. It's like this guy has people in a trance and they believe he is the annointed one.

Obama is nothing but a tax and spend McGovern liberal. They compare him to Kennedy but he doesn't even have Kennedy's looks. I think he is overrated. And have you heard his speech when he is off the tele-prompter? He stammers and doesn't make sense but the media doesn't seem to lock into it like they did Bush. The media bias is so wrong and they treat him with kid gloves. Oh sure, they can make fun of McCain's age (with to me is experience that Obama doesn't have) or the way Quayle spelled potato but if Obama stammers like he did in Virginia they gloss over it. Double standards. If you're a Democrat you get a free pass in the media. If you're Bush or a Republican, they look for ways to distort the record.

You have to listen to talk radio to hear Obama exposed. They reported what he said in San Francisco about his difficulty with winning over working-class voters in Pennsylvania and the Midwest, saying they have become frustrated with economic conditions. Here's what he said: "And it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." Thanks, Rush, now we know what Obama thinks about white people.

Obama is not brilliant. If he was he would not propose to "fix" this country with more spending and taxes that we cannot afford. Government needs to get off our backs and get out of our pockets.

And the caller asks why would a man run for president if he didn't love his country. What's in it for him, she asks? Prestige and ego, of course. You don't have to be pro-American to want to take the highest office in the land and drive your socialist agenda down our throats. Wake up you spellbound Obama supporters. Can you afford his new taxes? If you do, I sure as hell hope you aren't complaining about the price of gas because you have money to burn.

I don't especially like McCain but at least he will defend us against terrorists. I don't want a nilly-willy wimpy Democrat in charge like Clinton or Carter in these unsettling times.

• Downtown is littered badly

I wanted to comment on downtown. It's good that the city wants to do something to change downtown but I want to comment on this: Why do so many people feel they have to litter? I was down there the other day and noticed that there is trash in the gutters, much of it within a few feet of a Lions Club garbage can. How much effort can it take to walk over and put your Taco Bell wrappings into the can rather than dump it in the street? I don't understand people. Come on, people of Ceres, get with it. Trash makes us all look bad.

• Truck parking unwanted

I wanted to address the "Ease up on truckers" call to "Sound Off!" published last week. I understand that the wife of a trucker would want such leniency but we have laws against truck parking for a reason.

Trucks are often dangerous to the public. I don't want big trucks parking in my area because we can't see around them, our kids can dart out from behind them and get hit by cars and they tear up the residential streets. They're also ugly.

If the woman only gets 30 minutes for dinner with her husband perhaps she can meet him at a fast-food restaurant. I mean, 30 minutes is not long at all to have dinner. Why does it have to be dinner at home?