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Sound Off! calls published July 27, 2011
• Ceres needs to invest now

Regarding, "Ceres continues to lack in services," just as families look to their future, the city of Ceres must find a way - even with economic challenges - to invest in economic growth, sustain our infrastructure and enhance quality of life. New businesses won't relocate to a community that does not invest in itself. Now is precisely when a city must invest in economic-development strategies that bring future growth.

1. New economic development opportunities

2. Infrastructure upkeep and repairs

3. Quality of Life enhancements

Some would suggest that threat of continued global recession means that no new spending, no matter how worthy it seems, should be approved. To them, I would ask a simple question, "When is it time to invest in the future of Ceres?" The time to act is now. And maybe in 20 years the city will have identity.

• Defending team fundraiser

This is in response to "Wants team to make good." Please be advised that on June 4 several members of the coaching staff as well as several football players were at the car wash ready to wash cars in the rain. It's not our fault that you assumed that it was cancelled. You could have simply drove by the location and seen us out there on the day of the car wash. Instead of contacting the school directly you chose to ask teenagers who had no definitive answer for you. Even with that being said, you chose the "sound off!" route without having your facts straight.

To those who did purchase tickets and managed to make it out to the car wash on June 4, we want to thank you for all your support.

• Pick up trash if you're so concerned

I'm calling about the comment that this lady has been putting on about the trash in Ceres. If she's so worried about Ceres being so trashy, why doesn't she just get her family out there and start picking up the trash.

You need to mind your own business and quit worrying about other people's business.

• Watching how people in Ceres act

Yes, people are throwing their trash on the ground, being lazy and or ignorant.

And when I walk across the street in the crosswalk when the lights says to walk I need to be careful because it isn't uncommon for me to stop when a car is turning because they aren't stopping for me. So yes, it is dangerous.

But another point I want to bring up is people parking in front of my driveway blocking access to my house. I have to tell these strangers (visitors to the neighbors) to move their car cause they are blocking my driveway at least three to four times a week. Do I need a sign or to call someone out to write tickets?

• Police nurse is a ridiculous idea

I read an article recently in the Modesto Bee ("Police, Nurse partnership put to work in Ceres," published July 10) that intrigued me. The article is about a nurse practicioner who is part of a police nurse program for Ceres Police Department. What is this all about? Since when did we start meshing medical care with police work? If something like this is wanted (or needed), shouldn't it be meshed with the department that handles medical care for the city, which would be the fire department (or ambulance service)? Since when do policemen want to patrol with a nurse, so the nurse can give people better health choices? Policemen are out there to protect and serve, not to say "Hey your blood sugar is too high." What next? A dentist patrolling to tell people to floss more

I have a spouse in law enforcement (in another county) and we have never heard of any other department allowing a nurse on staff, yet this one has been given a badge to wear publicly. If he has a badge, is he a sworn officer? And if he's not sworn, he should not publicly wear a badge, it serves no purpose. Even if he's not a paid employee, I'm sure there are expenses that the city has covered.

This is ridiculous, and to hear that he has use of the city's Command Unit for his health fairs; where is this money coming from? Taxpayers in our city?

Who is allowing this nonsense?

Mr. Mayor and City Council members, we are a community with budget issues and every aspect that can cost the city any amount of money needs to be scrutinized. I urge you to make better choices for our citizens.