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Sound Off! calls published July 7, 2010
• Blaming credit happy Americans

I'd like to say that when everybody out there started using credit cards and getting everybody in debt and buying homes you couldn't afford and making too homes for Ceres and Modesto .... I think it's pretty sad because now we don't have work and there's no jobs.

• Legalize those willing to serve

This is a comment on the comment regarding "Arizona law is a sad thing to see." This person had one thing that I agree with and that is any illegal serving in our armed forces should be granted citizenship. I totally agree and concur. If you want to go to Iraq and Afghanistan if you're an illegal immigrant and want to serve in our armed forces and risk your life for the United States of America, absolutely you should become a citizen of the United States. However, if you don't chose to do that, then I believe you should come across our borders legally. The illegal immigrant is costing our country millions of dollars each year in health care and costs. Not only just to clean up our borders from the nasty mess they behind coming across our borders illegally.

This person needs to do a little more research.

• Was the owner of the dog blowing smoke?

Can an Animal Control officer please respond to this comment I heard while at a public school ground? I had my two dogs with me and another couple was at the same school and had their dogs off their leashes; mine were on their leashes. So I let one of mine off to go bird chasing and still being a puppy he wanted to go play with the other pups. At that point I ran over to get my dog and was told by the owner that my dog should be on a leash. At this point I responded that his was not on one either, he stated "My dogs do not have to be on a lease because they have a license!" So I stated that my dog did too! Is that a true statement, because that is news to me. So be careful when you take your dogs anywhere you might be threatened with stupidity.

(Editor's note: We agree with you. The owner of the other dog was full of nonsense. A leash is about controlling a dog, to prevent animals from wandering off, and attacking people and other dogs. A dog license does not control dogs, only generates money for local government.)

• Traffic on Fowler Road is terribly unsafe

I grew up in Ceres off of Boothe Road. On a recent trip to Ceres for my brother's funeral I was really shocked at the amount of traffic on Fowler Road. It was like the Indy 500 between Mitchell and Boothe. If the Ceres Police Department is having financial woes, it wouldn't take but a couple of hours per day and a few days a month to generate enough revenue to run the entire department. The speed zone on that stretch of road is 25 mph.

One particular incident comes to mind. My niece was coming from Mitchell Road and making a right turn into my mother's driveway with signal on. A car tried to pass her on the right. I saw cars going so fast you can barely make out the color much less the make or model. Trying to back out of my mother's driveway is a challenge in itself. I know there have been several instances where parked cars have been hit on that stretch.

It would be nice if the Ceres police would try to slow down traffic on that road before there's a tragic accident.

I live in Houston, Texas, and the traffic here is pretty bad but I think Ceres takes the prize.