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Sound Off! calls published March 14, 2012
• Fighting progress is disgusting

I think it is disgusting how everyone keeps fighting progress. We need jobs and Walmart can bring us more jobs and more companies to our town and help us grow so our police department and fire department can get more money in order to help them buy the equipment they need to be safe. My question is who is benefitting from this objection of growth? Do we want to stay down forever or are we ready to grow?

Let's grow up and allow our town to progress. Not everybody gets everything for free so those who want to work deserve the chance to do so.

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• Ceres needs family gathering businesses

I'm calling in regards to the person who was complaining about the Hispanics taking over the (former) Raley's store. Well, it's true we have enough stores, fast food restaurants, drug stores, houses and apartments and we don't need no big Walmart Supercenter for sure. We need family things here like Boomers, walk-in movie theaters, Funworks and even a bowling alley would be nice. Ceres needs things like this for us in Ceres so we don't have to go clear to Modesto or clear to Turlock to do something fun with our children or grandchildren and have a family thing out together.

• Prosecuting mourning mom just stinks

Young girls who get pregnant can hear the baby's heart beat and see the baby and have it aborted. Why aren't these women going to prison while these other women will have something happen - like a baby falling in the pool and drowning and the mother is looking for the baby - and she gets tried for murder. It just don't make sense. Our system stinks because I honestly think this woman whose baby drowned... mothers get busy and do things and she's going to think of this the rest of her life.

But someone who spreads her legs and don't care if they get pregnant or not are allowed to kill their babies.

Read God's Word in the Bible. Anyone who does this is a killer.

• Citizens group seems so negative

I have never called before but I've lived in Ceres for almost 50 years and I just keep reading all this nonsense from this group called Citizens for Ceres. Why would you do something so negative for our city? We need jobs. This Walmart is not a bad thing. And now we have interest from Applebee's - something that would provide so many jobs. Now they're not coming either because this group just seems so negative. They do not represent me.

Just back up and make our city better.

• Sign on Hatch is old and faded

News flash. The sign at the top of the Hatch Road overpass is old and faded. It's making the homeless beggars look a little bit too raggedy. Is there maybe something we can do?

• School Board playing double standards

The Ceres Courier had an article a few weeks ago concerning the granting of a $4,000 salary increase for the Ceres Unified School District's superintendent, which in turn increased the salary of the four assistant superintendents by the same percentage. No other employee group received this pay increase.

As a parent and taxpayer in the district, I am appalled this was allowed to take place during this time of financial crisis. The district has repeatedly stated that they are going to be short of funding, and they forced their employees to take a huge salary cut of 8.5 percent just two years ago. I don't think our district is any better off since then especially since Gov. Brown is now trying to place on the ballot a tax measure to help pay for education. He stated that if this measure is not passed, education will have to make more serious cuts. With that future insight, how could our School Board grant this salary increase?

If I were an employee in the CUSD, I would be disheartened and slighted by this salary grant, and as a taxpayer I feel the School Board and administration are not in touch with the current economic situation. This salary grant will take away from programs the students need, and fattens the pocketbooks of people who already make too much money. The current salary for the superintendent is approximately $190,000 per year. Where are the tax watch dogs in our community who will stand up to this abuse of funds?

• One group should not stand in the way

I'm calling in response to the person disagreeing with the Citizens for Ceres. I agree just the same. I don't think that one small group of people saying they disagree with the Supercenter should stop it from coming in. Ceres needs to grow and the thought that we could have a Supercenter and have a nicer place for the citizens of Ceres to go to and do their shopping would be a lot better than what we have now, not to mention a new restaurant and no offense to the Hispanic restaurants in Ceres but we don't have any choices of where to go to eat in Ceres any more. I love Mexican food but I'd like to have a choice once in a while and not actually go out of town to get something other than Mexican food or Chinese food.

Having the Applebee's in Ceres would be great. It would help our community out in both having a social place to go and dine and in having more jobs.

I think the Citizens for Ceres really need to consider what the true citizens of Ceres want.

• Yeah, smoke, just not in her presence

I'm responding to the letter about the right to smoke. And sure, if you're in your own home you can smoke your head off. But the rates of cancer are so much higher and heart disease also in people who smoke. Those people who know they're going to get cancer and smoke anyway ... nicotine is very addicting and that's their choice... but it's other people who are getting the second-hand smoke and also have higher rates of cancer, heart disease and emphysema and a lot of diseases than are preventable. So forget about the right to smoke. Smoke all you want, just don't do it in my presence.

• Mike at Hot Dogz does a great job

I'm calling about Mike at Hot Dogz groomers who I've been going to for years. He is such a nice man, so kind and truly loves the animals, dogs and cats. He is more reasonable than any other pet groomers and does have a fantastic job on my dog Elvis, who's my king, and also on Priscilla. Thanks, Mike, for caring and doing such a great job.