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Sound Off! calls published March 2, 2011
• Consider choices for property

I attended the Planning Commission meeting Tuesday evening and came away with the feeling that many people might welcome this project for a variety of reasons, most importantly "cheap" prices. Walmart now owns two pieces of property in this town and is not likely to sell either parcel to any company that may affect their profits.

What might be our choices for the proposed sight if this project is not approved, more retail? I would ask the Planning Commission to consider many choices for this property, as the "look" and use of this gateway property is very important to the community.

• How will Ceres benefit from Supercenter?

You know it's just a bad idea to let Walmart come in and take over the city of Ceres. They do not treat their employees very well. I have spoken to them and most of them are not to happy working for them. Walmart seems to cut their hours and where most need full time employment and the pay for most employees is not very good.

How will Ceres benefit from Walmart building a bigger store? All that will happen is they will drive out other business. They will benefit while our economy continues to drop. They say they bring more jobs; I say part-time jobs! This is no good for our city. Look at other business in the area and what impact they will have on them.

• Supercenter will attract other retailers

Just wanted to express my feelings for the Walmart Supercenter. I'm a home owner in Ceres family of four. I think it's a great idea for the Walmart Supercenter. We are a small town and could use the tax revenue for the city. Most of us go out of Ceres for our shopping. And it's not just about us but bringing others to our town. We are known as a poor town with nothing in it. Let's start to change that. I think having Walmart Supercenter would benefit Ceres for years and years to come. Stockton has one so does Atwater. Why not Ceres? You know Riverbank passed up Hershey's, Amtrak and other big job makers. Let's not go down the same road that they did. I believe this will attract other stores to come to us. This will mean jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

• The Courier takes the cake

What is wrong with your journalists? Even I can write better than your paper, and I don't even have a college degree. Okay, my grammar sucks but I know I could write better than anyone down there. Care to take me up on it? Everyone makes fun of the Modesto Bee, but the Courier, you guys take the cake. And the editor? He must be drunk half the time or something.

When I went to school I always was marked for incomplete sentences. She should grade your grammer. Wow. Do you (the editor) know what proof reading is?, or is it just write it and print it?

• Police need to cite U-turn drivers

I am curious why - after I have made several complaints and been told they have had many - Ceres police does not spend a morning giving out tickets in front of Ceres high on Central Avenue for illegal u-turns? And to parents who just drop their children off in the middle of the street and walk out from in between cars?

Last year school personnel made everyone go to the crosswalk on Sixth Street. Hello! Central Avenue is a lot more dangerous. Can someone step up and get their act together before we have something tragic happen? Ask Turlock or the Sheriff if we need help. Come on, CHS, this is a school zone.