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Sound Off! calls published March 26, 2008
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• Carts are a huge eyesore

I am so glad this subject (of scattered shopping carts) has made it to a large spot in the Courier. I live in a neighborhood off Central Avenue. Everyday I see abandoned carts dumped in empty land lots and along the gutters. Also, I have witnessed the young kids walking home from school using these carts as an afternoon joy ride. Recently I saw a truck picking up the carts from various stores and loading them. Hopefully this person was doing a community effort by returning them to the rightful owner. The excuse of "manpower shortages" is ridiculous. Every citizen of Ceres has manpower.

• Obama change not for better

Let's talk Obama or politics. Those of you who might be thinking about voting for Barrack Obama need to take a step back and rethink a few things. Not too long ago he bought property with a slumlord/gangster. He has called Wright his uncle who has preached nothing but hatred against America and white people. He doesn't preach the Bible, he's an occult teacher and Obama has sat under his teaching for 20 years. His wife says oh now that her husband is running for president she's proud of America. Obama has a white mother but I've never heard him mention her; maybe because she doesn't even live in the United States. She's been married and both husbands were Muslim, and that's what Obama practices. He hasn't done anything in the Senate that impresses me and I don't believe he'll do anything that great for the United States. I must admit, he's a good actor, even had Oprah fooled. Or maybe she didn't really care as long as we had a black president.

You people who want change, you elect Obama and the change is not going to be for the better, or what you had hoped for.

And as far as Hillary Clinton is concerned, here's a dime - go call someone who cares.

• Give cop a break and get a life

This is a comment in regards to the call "Officer failed to see girl wave." I just want to say for that one split second that the officer didn't pay attention to the girl waving at him does not condemn him as not doing his job. To the person who made the comment, if your family's life is ever in danger, that police officer will be the one coming out, rescuing you and your family. He swore an oath to risk his life to do that. So I think you should give all of them a break and maybe get a life.

• Police should not be on cells

Every time I see an officer, they're always on a cell phone. It's illegal for us to be on the phone (while driving) or we'll get a ticket for it. Why can't cops get in trouble? That irritates me so bad. Maybe somebody else out there can understand what I'm feeling.

Another thing, a cop almost hit me one time while talking on a cell phone and he flipped me off. That's what makes me so bad about cops: they get away with everything and we get messed up for everything we do.

So I think cops should be off the phone, too.

• Defending police officers

To the woman that made the comment about "the police officer on the phone and didn't wave to the little girl and broke her heart." I realize that this may have been disappointing to the little girl and for that, I feel sorry for her. Although I am NOT an employee of Ceres Public Safety Department, I know some details that this woman may not be aware of, so I'd like to give additional comment to her opinion and hope that she can relay this to the little girl.

Police officers and firefighters communicate to their central location (dispatch) by a radio in their vehicle, however when there is a lot of radio traffic, sometimes it is necessary to use their personal cell phones to call into their dispatch so there is no delay in reaching their next call (or assignment). Maybe this was the case and he was concentrating on street signs and getting to someone in need (it does not always require lights and sirens). The other option could have been that he simply was checking in at home, saying a quick "Hi" or "I love you" to his wife or child, as most people do throughout their normal work day. Police officers have families too, the difference is that they never know if they will go home at the end of their shift, so to take a moment out of their day to speak to loved ones is sometimes necessary.

I am not saying that either of these situations applied. However, I think with all the good that our police officers do for our community, they are always very friendly to kids and the fact that they go out every day to put their lives on the line to protect ours - I think we should take consideration to that and find something more important to complain about than a little girl not getting a wave from one of them.