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Sound Off! calls published March 30, 2011
• Family wants Supercenter

I cannot make the (April 4) meeting but want you to know that me and my family are all for the new Walmart Supercenter. I think it would be a great thing for our town and for our families. I hope that it gets built.

• Hollister vagrants placed on notice

I am sounding off because I am tired of the vagrants in my neighborhood (Hollister and surrounding blocks). The CPD has been driving around my neighborhood and I must say thanks! I hope you continue to monitor my neighborhood even more.

Many of my neighbors have children as I do and well, I would like to know and feel that our neighborhood is being taken care of. There is a lot of vagrance during the day and all hours of the night. I wouldn't mind seeing the CPD do a sweep at around midnight like they do in other cities that have drug trafficing and vagrance. It just annoys me to know that the school that is at the old Memorial hospital building wouldn't have a mini substation for the police department. This neigborhood is a key target and the entire city of Ceres, but this neighborhood needs a lot of attention and I am sure many other neighbors would agree if they were asked.

I have lived in Ceres since I was 10 years old and I have to say it is not as safe as it was when I was growing up and it is only going to get worse off. We, the community, need to work together in our neighborhoods and stick together to keep those out that don't belong here. I am serious, people. I am watching you and I don't like having to speak up but when it comes to the safety and well-being of my kids and the other kids on these blocks I am going to speak up! I am the squeaky wheel that you can never fix, I am not tolerating any one's crap around here any more. People litter and leave their garbage in the alleys behind our houses then we are left to clean up their messes, and not to mention we have people defecating in the alleyways. That is just not cool at all. We are supposed to be civilized and respect the places we live and take care of it too and spreding your germs like that is just not right at all. So beware neighbors! I would like to live here comfortably with my family and grow old here, but with this s--- going on it just makes me sad that the city of Ceres and the police department would not clean up our city a bit more that's all. I am not going to tolerate the vagrants and nonsense that goes on around my neighborhood any more. I will be calling the police and the code enforcement officer.

• Column was factual and well written

Regarding your column, "Sacramento keeps driving jobs away," Jeff, this is so very well written and factual all the way. Taxes take care of themselves in a good economy but, well, strangle a bad one. Here we are!