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Sound Off! calls published March 31, 2010
• Little black bugs in the house

Has anybody been experiencing the little white or black bugs getting into your houses and making life miserable? If so and you have found a way to get rid of them please put in "Sound Off!" I have contacted county ag and have had pest services and everything you can buy at the store. County Ag says there white ash flies and there nothing that really kills them. All I know is they come by the thousands and crawl on every part of your body and at times bury into your skin. I know this has to be countywide.

• Reversing the charge of rudeness

I just wanted to comment on being rude ("Rudeness is the rule, not the exception" published March 16.) I think you're in the wrong and that you sound rude yourself because who are you to judge about their phone, or what they're wearing or what music they're playing, what they're doing. You're nobody to decide what anybody does in this world. Everybody has their own decisions and it's freedom in California so get over it.

• Garbage service less than stellar

Show me the money! As a resident and constituent of the city of Ceres, I have to say I'm very concerned in the direction the current administration is taking. Why? Because other than them nobody knows. The residents here are like mushrooms kept in the dark and full of s---. Nobody asked me what I felt about the current garbage service. Well I'll tell you. I think it needs improvement. When I call Bertolotti when I have issues regarding their service the response is "Oh well, we'll get to it when we can." No sense of professionalism and accountability. But, I guess that's okay with the City Council; it fits right up there with their standard.

• Not the same country she grew up in

Jeff, I appreciate and enjoy all of your articles. I grew up in the 1940s and the 1950s. Life was simple. Church, family values, people had grace. Believe me, this is not the same country I grew up in.

• Central Valley Christian welcomes all

This is Bill Evans calling again to invite everybody who is looking for a church ... to come Easter Sunday to Central Valley Christian Church. We'll be happy to have you. We have three wonderful pastors. The church is a great family. You'll be welcomed like you're right at home.

• Hello, it's an opinion page!

This is in regards to "Jeff's so conservative." Just like a liberal ... if you don't have a liberal's opinion then you are wrong. Hello, it's an opinion page. Keep up the good work, Jeff, I agree with your editorials.

P.S. since when do liberals ever show any other opinions besides theirs?

• Colorful marks on street bother her

I am really furious as I ... see another utility truck parked and the worker getting out to spray paint in the street or curb. I realize it is the city's street but is it necessary to spray all these multitude of colors? I have pink, green blues and white and yellow facing me now every day for years. I always strive to keep my yard, sidewalk, and yes, even go into the street to pick up garbage that people feel it is somehow their right to use the streets, yards, and gutters as their personal garbage can. But this? How am I going to be able to clean this?