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Sound Off! calls published March 9, 2011
• Mae Hensley kids need to be told

Someone needs to educate the Mae Hensley students on safe walking practices. I go by the junior high almost every school day. Some days it is just after school gets out and sometimes a few minutes later. I just went by there as school let out. So many times when there are a group of two to five kids walking together and talking and laughing they will push one of them out into the street. They most always seem to catch themselves before they completely lose their balance. So many times it has been such a close call. Today this happened twice.

Someone is going to get hurt and as for me, I don't think it's funny and don't think it is anything to laugh about.

Hopefully no one will get hurt ever, but please explain to these kids what can happen if this doesn't change. Someone told me they call it "Chicken."

• Senior offended at slam against manager

I give five stars to new managers at the Blaker Road apartments. They are all business, hard working and don't sit and gossip. More work has been done around here than before. If you don't like it, move. I have been here since Day One.

If you are complaining about my grandkids, come tell me or management. Are you a grandparent? If not then you do not know how wonderful it feels to be a great-great-grandparent. I thank the Lord for giving me a good big family.

• Why are county cars driven on a holiday?

Being a holiday (Presidents' Day), how come you still see some of the county employees driving around county pickups and cars? And if today is a holiday, should they not be using their own personal cars to go shopping in?

Come on, we need to have the money cut down somewhat; don't use the county cars unless it's for county business.