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Sound Off! calls published May 18, 2011
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• Shepherd's attendance inspiring

I commend Mr. Leonard Shepherd for taking the time to attend the City Council meetings every Monday. I have attended the meetings for the past two years and Mr. Shepherd is always there, looking out for the community and voicing his opinions on matters. Thank you, Mr. Shepherd, for setting an example. I wish and encourage more citizens to become active in such gatherings, our voice or even our presence could make a difference in decisions.

• Bash Citizens and watch opposition grow

If Walmart says they have 10,000 supporters for the Ceres Supercenter project, who are these mysterious people? How did Walmart procure such a list? At least Sherri Jacobson has provided the names of several towns people who do not support the project. If these supporters of the Supercenter exist, I am sure Sherri Jacobson would (unintelligible) ... without regarding their loyalty to any company that only wants to saturate the universe with inferior China made products and Walmart jobs that don't pay enough to subsist on. I was one of the 95 who signed the appeal letter.

If you go ahead and bash Ms. Jacobson and her group, it'll only bring in more supporters and more money to support.

• Follow the money trail to the unions

Regarding the article, "Supercenter showdown on May 23," I'm sure if you check where the money is coming from regarding this opposition, you will find that the retail clerks union is the driving force along with the grocery chains that they represent. As always, follow the money!

• Nothing would be lost if Walmart left

Ceres resident Craig Keesler asked readers what would the net loss be if Walmart goes elsewhere. There would be no net loss. I say nil or love loss if Walmart moves on. Ceres would actually see a net gain without the Supercenter. The tax grab that the planning commissioners went for is short sided. You need to read the EIR more carefully because it is flawed.

• Trashy lots exist everywhere in Ceres

If you're talking about landscaping, instead of just picking on Walmart, why don't we look at the Hatch Road shopping center? When you start at Cost Less and go down to the Dollar Tree, you would be surprised at all the weeds and foxtails that grow taller than the plants, the garbage, even people's poop in old diapers, inside and outside the shopping complex. It's not just one place, it's a lot of places that need to be straightened up. Plus, that shopping center needs someplace safe to walk once you cross the road there at Home Depot to come back to onto the side where Cost Less is.

• The trashing of America has got to stop

As I walked out of the Ceres Post Office today I noticed a Ford Explorer sitting next to my car in the parking lot.The passenger's window was down. They had one of this little flag flying in the front of the hood - it happened to be a Mexican flag so apparently they're still celebrating their Cinco de Mayo festival - that's all well and good. But to my dismay, a bunch of trash goes out the window and hits the ground. So I walked up to that side of the vehicle and picked that trash up and as I stand up straight I notice the person sitting in the passenger seat was an elderly Hispanic woman. I said, "Maam, you dropped this." I didn't want to be rude. I just wanted to be to the point. I said, "Please do not trash my country" and I walked away. I was so greatly disappointed to see that coming from a generation of hers.

A lot of this kind of stuff goes on. I'm not saying it's all hispanics. Believe me, I've seen plenty coming from this culture.

• God has the only key to heaven

I hear people all the time saying, when you talk to them about God, that they already know where they're going. If they agree they're going to hell, then they believe in the Devil and must believe in God, too. One day when every tongue confesses and every knee bends, everyone who don't know God, He's going to tell them, "I didn't know you. Your name is not written in the Lamb's Book of Life." God will forgive and has a place for everyone. He's the only one who has the key to heaven, that gate.

This country is getting pretty wicked already.

Ask for forgiveness. That doesn't mean you will live a perfect life.

• Relieve your guilt and return church sign

Sometime on Monday night or Tuesday morning, someone stole our portable sign in front of our church office on Whitmore Avenue. Because other businesses in our office complex had signs out that were not touched, it's obvious to me that the enemy of the cross of Jesus Christ took it. We've displayed the sign for about a year and we were the first ones to leave it out overnight trusting that no one would take it. To relieve your guilt, please return the sign, no questions asked.

• Lots of stealing on Joy Avenue and area

I'm calling for the people on Joy Avenue and all the surrounding streets. Lately there has been a lot of stealing on our street and a lot of it is done in broad daylight. They've taken bicycles off of porches, unicycles off of porches, copper out of air conditioners, we've had our gas siphoned, people have had their batteries taken. I just want to make everyone around here aware of what's going on so we'll all watch out for our neighbors and call 911 if we see something wrong going on.