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Sound Off! calls published May 26, 2010
• Enjoyed both columns

Jeff I want to compliment you on the column you wrote "California needs a law like Arizona's." You are right on the money. If the illegals would get out and picket Obama's cronies - that's where the law should come from - from the federal government. He's using it for his own agenda. And if they think that he is so protective of them, they are wrong. He's using them so he can get his democratic votes in this coming year. I sure hope that you keep telling us the way it is and the truth.

And Dennis, I also enjoyed yours. Why people want the government to tell them what they can feed their kids ... that's the parents' job. They need to take responsibility for teaching them what they should eat and what they shouldn't eat. They're the ones who had the children. Thank you both. I enjoy your columns so much every week.

• Idiot tow operator at it again

Yes, it's Friday night and as usual the idiot tow truck driver down Calcagno Street has decided to come home and unload stuff out of his tow truck into the street, doesn't really care about any other people who live in this neighborhood. It's sure nice to know we're supposed to live in a residential neighborhood instead it's a damned tow truck yard. It's a bunch of crap. I know I'm not as inconsiderate like that idiot is.

• Asking for citizenship proof is wrong

Regarding "Become Americans United, " first off, you're wrong about a big percentage of people having a problem with the Arizona law being children of illegals. I have a problem with it and my dad is a naturalized citizen.

As a 26-year-old Mexican-American who speaks very little Spanish, I find what this law does very very troubling. The Arizona law does not specify exactly what an illegal looks like or what an American citizen looks like, so with that, racial profiling becomes the rule since it is assumed most illegals are hispanic. If we had a law in California like they have in Arizona, who's to say that a police officer wouldn't question me for my proof of citizenship based on the way I look? I barely know Spanish, yet the onus would be on me to prove I'm a citizen. I don't carry that information on me, do you? And what happens If I don't have that information on me; do I get a free trip down to the police station? In Arizona it is now a misdemeanor for a Mexican-American not to carry his/her proof of citizenship. It's outrageous to even think that this could be allowed to happen in our country. And that is the problem. The Arizona law will single out Mexican-Americans whether or not they are citizens of this country. Surely you would like to deal with having your citizenship questioned by the police state? Secondly, hyphenation or not, we are all Americans, and that is what should bind us.

• Teachers need to quit milking things

My daughter was going right now to Central Valley High to be acknowledged for her Science Olympiad abilities and participation and that's really great. But she was afraid to go because the teachers plan to protest against the administrators because the administrators only get a year of pay cut ... and the teachers are indefinitely. I have a really good idea. How about when they have their little teacher planning day meetings, to save money by not feeding themselves with trays of meat and cheese and vegetables and foods and all these things that they pay hundreds of dollars at a shot?

How about they brown bag it like the children have to and then use that money to further the children's education and maybe pay a teacher or two another day? It really p----s me off that these teachers need to worry about what they eat in these meetings and not what my children are getting in education. There are no supplies for school art class. You have to bring them yourself. There's nothing anymore. These children are robbed of an education and it's only worse. We really need to get Schwarzenegger and any other Republican out of frickin' California government and let us get some realness in here because we are broke, we are poor, we have been run into the ground enough.

These teachers and administrators need to get on the same page and get the money going where it's best spent and it's not in their bellies.