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Sound Off! calls published May 29, 2010
• No, they don't give it away

Jeff I agree on most all of what you wrote except for the "political whore" statement; our politicians don't give away their service they are more like prostitutes because if you have the money you can get any law passed so to me they (from Obama to our local polititions). I think you get the message.

• Congratulations Whitmore Charter

I just wanted to say congratulation's to the Whitmore Charter School Fine Arts Department for putting on a fantastic show Friday and Saturday. All the kids from K -12 performance's where outstanding. Big applause to all.

• Beggar lady taken advantage of

There's an older lady on Hatch Road who begs. She has a cane as you come off the ramp. Well, the money's not going to her; there's a man on a bicycle who collects the money and takes it from her and probably gives her a couple of dollars and that's it. I think she's being taken advantage of by this man who is really ripping her off.

• We have the right to fly Old Glory

I was just wondering if we're living in Mexico or living in the United States. My nephew got suspended on Cinco de Mayo day flying the American flag and that's alright as Americans to fly an American flag. We don't have to fly the Mexican flag because we're not in Mexico. I don't care if it is Cinco de Mayo. Do they let us fly the American flag in Mexico on the Fourth of July? I don't think so. I'm just saying that it's our right to fly our flag whether it be an American flag or a Confederate flag. And I think Ceres High School should step back and let us have our rights to fly the flags that we want. Who are they to judge us on what flags we fly on Cinco de Mayo?

• You have the right not to read columns

In America we have freedom of speech and opinion. We also have freedom of choice, which gives you the choice not to read any more of Jeff's viewpoints, and at the same time gives the rest of us the choice to read his viewpoints.

By reading your statement you are definitely a very angry person. Have you ever considered taking an anger management class?

• Delineators needed to keep right on right

I'm not sure whose brilliant idea it was for only one lane to go straight (on Whitmore) and the right lane turn right because so many times people just go right because they see 12-15 cars backing up in the lane going straight ahead off of Central and Whitmore. So they end up doing a big U-shape and end up turning on the highway before we can even get across Central Avenue. We need to change that. The city needs to put cones out there to where they can only turn right ... and not cut anybody off. I hope it does not stay that way.

I've seen a lot of people getting angry there, horns getting honked. It's going to get ugly here one of these days.

• Disappointed in car show awards

Me and my husband put our car in the Ceres Street Faire every year and they give awards and we were really disappointed in the awards given out. A painted wrench? A car carved out of wood? We and all the others put a lot of money in our cars and that shows disrespect as far as we're concerned.

• Poorly managed road project

Regarding, "Temporary halt for interchange," another poorly managed project. When seeking bids for major projects of these kind, you (project manager) must be knowledged of the requirements. I mean, if it takes nine9 months to complete a project like this why give the contractor 18 months? Ten out of 10 times they will leave you hanging for better business opportunities. Don't give them that option. We the people that commute daily through this area are the ones who pay the price for such poorly managed projects. The blame is not on the contractor - it's the people in charge of writing up this contract. Council?

(Editor's note: Actually Caltrans is managing this project, not the Ceres City Council.)