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Sound Off! calls published May 4, 2011
• Counting the days to Walmart

I can't wait for the Walmart Supercenter to be done. I live on Archcliffe Drive right next to where it is going to be. I don't know what the problem is. We saw the one in Atwater and also Stockton. They did a heck of a job. Bring it on.

Some of our neighbors are not happy that we want the center. but they can have their own opinion and well as I can. So I am counting the days.

• Police can take uniforms in off-duty

It is Thursday, 4:20 p.m. I go to Mitchell Plaza to get bottled water and there's a cop car parked sideways across the no parking grid blocking a handicapped spot and a 10-minute parking spot. There's no other place to park so I have to stop and wait. He comes out of the dry cleaners with his police uniform, puts them in his cop car and finally leaves. I would think that they should do that on their own time, not on my money and they should park normally, not blocking handicapped and other parking places. Or is it "Do as I say not as I do."

• Put garbage bags on utility poles

I have a good idea to discourage our litter bugs, attach collection bags to every utility pole in town. This is for expired garage sale signs also.

• Keep your kids from chasing fire trucks

I'm calling in reference to children who seem to hound the fire department or ambulance when they're going to someone's home. Every child jumps on a bike and runs over there and gets in the way. Where are the parents? This is not necessary. Our first response people are there to help someone, not take care of your children.

• Can't understand opponents' selfishness

Thank you for Planning commissioners for your decision about our Walmart Supercenter. I think it's a really good thing.

I would like to make a comment to the group that calls themselves Citizens for Ceres. They're only part of citizens for Ceres. There's a whole another group that wants this Walmart in. I just don't understand their selfishness. I think that all they're thinking about is traffic's going to be bad. That's been worked on and will be worked on but traffic is bad no matter where you go. Get used to it. Don't be in such a hurry. Take your time. Maybe you'll enjoy what you see there. But if you've already made up your mind it's not going to matter what the City Council says. If they say yes, you're still going to be mad.

We are all citizens of Ceres; we're just not paying your lawyer to defeat everything that is put up here. We deserve to have the store and are hoping and praying it does come in.

• She finally received her dental records

I'm the one who called about "Trouble getting dental records." Well, I finally got my records from Turlock Western Dental but it took Call 3 from the TV station to get ahold of them to give me my papers. Now they're still asking for money. That's really funny.

I want to thank the editor for putting this on for me.

• Gangs invaded small north Ceres park

I'm calling about this little park in the vicinity of Virginia Parks School. This is in between Canyon and River Park and this last weekend there was a bunch of gang criminals who came around there, they had fights over there, they were breaking glass, they dumped the garbage cans, they graffitied all those tables. It was infested with them and none of the police came. I don't know if anybody reported that. I live by but not real close. In the morning I found all that. It would be nice on the weekends if they pass by and just take a look. This is a residential area. The Sureno gang covered those tables.

(Editor's note: Anyone who sees such criminal activity needs to immediately call 911 immediately to have police respond.)