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Sound Off! calls published May 5, 2010
• Arizona has the right idea

Hallelula Arizona! When Gov. Jan Brewer signs into law for illegals to carry registration cards, or be sent back to Mexico. It is American law, all Americans are suppose to carry ID. After one year to see if Gov. Brewer goes through with the new law, Arizona will be my new home. They will save millions to better Arizona and the people of Arizona. I call this the smart law.

• How bad is second-hand pot smoke?

I was wondering if anybody's thought about what happens to the second-hand marijuana smoke? Second-hand cigarette smoke is supposed to be so dangerous. Has anyone done research to see how dangerous second-hand pot smoke is?

• Sick and tired of Jeff's viewpoints

I'm just calling to more so let the Courier know that I'm really sick and tired of Jeff Benziger's constant smashing of all the liberals and whatnot. All I ever hear in the Courier is pessimistic bulls---t from Jeff Benziger. I think he needs to keep his mouth shut and let somebody else have a chance to say something for once. No matter what side you're on, an ultra-liberal is just as bad as an ultra-conservative. They both suck. So what's the point of bashing each other day after day?

F--k Jeff.

• Lady on left sounds really hateful

I'm responding to the person who called the article "Tolerant only when they agree with you." I think that that person will be totally surprised when everything is turned around in the next presidential election. Obama himself realizes he'll himself be a one-term president. Just the name calling, sounding like a complete fool. The left are not tolerant people. And they are hateful. That is hateful language, calling someone a "complete fool."

• Doing a wonderful job

Jeff, I just wanted you to know you're doing a wonderful job. Thanks. I read your "Sound Off!" and I appreciate what you're doing.

• Right lane must turn right, people!

I am calling on Whitmore Avenue where you're supposed to turn right on Central Avenue, everybody wants to go straight in. That's what makes the traffic back up the flow. Ceres Police Department, I have called you three or four times.

Somebody needs to go out there and make the cars in the right lane turn right.

• Little town with big problems

I'm calling about the Hughson City Council members who won't step down. It's such a shame in these financial times of distress to have three people hands down found guilty of these things by the civil grand jury. It's really embarrassing. I don't know why this little town has such a big problem with these three people.

They should just get out of office. This is awful. It's distressing. I don't think they should be paid.