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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 10, 2010
• Supercenter will bring nothing

I see that the Walmart trolls are calling into "Sound Off!" Once again, get a life and read the facts in the draft EIR. No net gain in tax revenue will be realized for the proposed Supercenter. Walmart brings nothing new but more "made in China" goods and welfare to Ceres. Go to Patterson with the other idiots and have a feast on Walmart property.

• Pavers don't care about air quality

It's obvious the people paving the Rite Aid in Ceres care little about our air quality. For the past two days, trucks loaded with asphalt have parked along Fowler Road with engine trucks idling, which is against the law in California. Shame on you truckers. Shame on Rite Aid for not hiring law-abiding truckers.

• Police ran over her dog

I'm calling in regards to something that happened a couple of weeks ago. I don't believe in anybody killing animals unnecessarily and come into a family's home and nothing was wrong. But to embarrass them and treat them like they're a piece of crap. They (police) need to quit wasting their money on something where nothing's going on. This is the second time this has happened to our family. They killed my dogs twice. One was a pit bull and the other was a little weinie dog. I have people stopping me on the road and telling me, "We're so sorry that that happened." They seen the police officers run over my dog having no shame for what they did, doing it on purpose and act like nothing's wrong with it.

• Reckless driving must stop

The very content of this letter is directed toward a problem I've been witnessing for quite some time now in regards to reckless drivers which range in all age groups. I work on Fourth Street in Ceres, and I most often see it on the long road that stretches from my work to Whitmore Avenue and also towards Highway 99. I understand that speeding and reckless driving happens all throughout this entire world, but my concern is being voiced now because it is getting to the point where lives are at stake.

I have lost count on how many times I've almost gotten into an accident on these streets due to reckless and inconsiderate drivers. Police officers pick out people when their tags on their vehicles are out of date just to meet quotas for the end of the month. But when there are people who are in danger because of speeding vehicles there is not a police officer to be found anywhere within the vicinity during lunch hours. The lunch hours are the most hectic on Fourth Street, one would think police officers would be around during peak hours. They should also be around when the high school kids are getting out of school. What is it going to take for someone to put a stop to reckless drivers on this street? A loss of a life?

I'm not entirely sure as to why it is so bad on these streets. It may have something to do with Ceres High School near my work. Or it may have something to do with people who are in a hurry or just plain reckless. My best friend has daughters who she has to pick up after they get out of school. She told me that there are constantly police officers on the lookout for drivers who are reckless and speed around her daughter's high school. Why can't there be police officers here on Fourth Street?

I shouldn't have to fear getting into my car to go home. I should be excited that I am getting off work and going home to relax, but instead I come home absolutely shaken from a near death experience. This is not fair to only me, but also the many drivers who have almost encountered a reckless driver on this street.

If I am correct, residential and business streets speed limit 25 mph?

I'm sitting here taking time to write this letter because something has to give. I'm here to raise the awareness of this ongoing issue. This must stop before someone is severely injured or dead.

• Give someone else a chance to coach

It's unfair for a coach to lose year after year. Come on, coach, give someone else a chance.

• Congratulations to Anthony Cannella

I am calling to give my best wishes and congratulations to Anthony Cannella who is on his way to the state Senate. I have always respected Cannella and think he's done a very good job as mayor and a very smart guy. It just goes to show that a true conservative can get elected to state office if he's articulate and is conservative on all levels.

Good job, Anthony. I fear that the brightest on the council is going. The rest of you guys better ramp it up.

• Wants enthusiastic face when ordering

I'm sounding off about the poor quality of help places in Ceres are offering. It's sad that when I go in and order food and the counter gal looks like she didn't get any sleep the night before, huge puffy bags under her eyes, eye lids half close and no enthusiastic greeting. It's as if she sees you and thinks, "Oh great, I have to work." Managers, take a look at this and think about the message it sends to customers.