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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 11, 2009
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• Shame on those who didn't vote

What an abysmal picture was painted of the civic mindedness of Ceres voters in yesterday's election. In two of the only contests where our individual votes really count, out of 1699 possible voters, only 72 people actually came to the polls to vote in the one precinct about which I am sure! Of course, there were "vote-by-mail" ballots to be considered, but I seriously doubt that all of those requested were actually filled out and mailed in.

Do people not understand that the School Board has the future of their children in their hands? And the City Council is the deciding board regarding spending at the local level? In what other political contest does a local person have any voice?

When deciding national issues and candidates, the outcome has already been decided before our ballots are even returned to the office for counting.

As a precinct worker, I am disgusted!

• Smyrna Park a potential slum area

I'm a Ceres resident and I reside in the Symrna Park area. I've noticed that, subsequent to the storm a few weeks ago, that Symrna Park has remained unkempt. The lawn hasn't been mowed and there are many twigs scattered throughout.

I love to walk my dogs there with my family, however, since the storm, the park has been neglected and it makes it quite unsafe to do so.

For example, I tripped into a hole, my husband stepped on feces left by either a stray dog or by a thoughtless dog owner. We always pick up our dog droppings.

I don't know the reason for the mess at Symrna. Is the lawnmower broken?

Either way, once the parks in a city start to go downhill, you start getting more of the cretins in.

We have enough of them in this little town and I'm sure we don't need any more.

Are they going to mow the grass? Or should I borrow my father-in-law's riding mower and do it for you? In that case, I'd expect a break on my taxes.

Thank you city of Ceres for making this area a potential slum.

• Angry about TID's policy

I'm just calling about this TID that opened up a million dollar office in downtown Ceres. I'm very angry. I've lived in Santa Cruz and I moved to Ceres but for me to move to Ceres I have to pay a $500 deposit on the electricity bill. They're using a law that was passed 10 years ago and a lot of people don't know about it if you move from one house to another. If that person that lived at that house paid $500 a month for electricity, they'll average out two months and you'll end up paying a $500 deposit, even though they don't know how much electricity you're going to use. I'm very angry about TID. They have a monopoly in this city.

• TID didn't preach conservation

I'm calling to complain about TID. They raised their rates last winter, in January or February. But we had to pay out of the nose for power this past summer. It was awesome. Some of us can't take the heat, we have to stay indoors. But I never once heard of a power outage anywhere and for us to conserve all summer long. Canneries are going, industry was going and they once never came out and said conserve power. Why? Because they got the rates where they would like them now.

• CHS coach needs to step aside

Hopefully something is done about the football program at Ceres High. I may be mistaken but I do believe Brett Johnson's record as head coach is somewhere around 2-26. Seriously, can someone please cancel that contract?

How about them favorites? Six minutes left 35-0 Ceres is losing. How about some smart coaching and taking those starters out and play the second stringers? It's okay though as long as everyone's getting their paychecks - that's all that matters.

Hopefully something is done for the kids sake.

• Supporting Berryhill for Congress

Mike Berryhill, we will support you for Congress. We own a small business and there is no way we can afford this health care plan that Dennis voted for last night. We have known the Cardoza family for years and his parents would be very disappointed in him.

• People are running stop signs on Nadine

I live near the corner of Nadine and Chardonnay and found that some people do not know how to read "Stop." The east and west traffic on Nadine seems to be the most popular vote, as far as, driving through stop signs. Residents around here like myself have been in some near misses of accidents due to people not stopping. We have called the police to inform them of this problem, but I haven't seen any changes. This seems to be an ongoing problem.

Thanks for the "Sound Off!" section.