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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 19, 2008
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• Likes new manager

I'm calling in regards to the apartments falling apart at 2121 Moffet Road. I am a tenant who lives in those apartments. And since Linda Bertolotti left, yes, we do miss her. But coming from the owner who owns part of this building ... she had a lot of complaints about mismanagement.

As far as the new management, hey, she needs to have a break, too, because she came into this with 70 something odd apartments and 70 different people's attitudes. And if you're not willing to work with the new management, then that seems to be a personal problem and if you don't like it you can move if you like.

And if you come and look at the laudry room, it is clean.

It's just a disgrace that you'd be talking about new management and you know not a lick about her.

• We're all just fine now, right?

Hurray, I couldn't wait to tell you the good news. It's all over. The financial crisis of this country is over with! It's okay. Sit back and relax. Don't worry about a thing. They're giving $140 million more to AIG to bail them out. They're even talking about bailing out the big three auto makers in the U.S.! And the best news of all: They're giving more money to the banks! So we have nothing more to worry about.

The stock market's crashing, that's true. It's falling so fast they can't keep track of it. But don't worry about that. Everything's going to be fine.

You believe that, don't you?

• Sam's Club would be nice

I'm calling about the Supercenter. I think it would be a good idea if they took the old Wal-Mart and made it into a Sam's Club or something like that because my family likes to do bulk shopping and we go to Costco in Turlock. So if they had a Sam's Club, that would keep our revenue here.

• False claim alleged

I'll calling in regards to the "Disappointed reader" in "Sound Off!" mainly on the editor's note. And he's stating that he does not cover the national news and that the Ceres Courier is a weekly newspaper. On the other hand, why is it that when President Bush's re-election on the front cover of the paper four years ago? It sounds to me that it's racist more than anything.

(Editor's note: Ridiculous. We went back to the Nov. 10, 2004 edition of the Courier to prove our point. NO results of the national election were in our paper. We also checked the November 2000 editions of the Courier and what do you know... NO mention of George W. Bush being elected president either. Sounds like we're being falsely accused by people have a reckless disregard for facts.)

• Minorities now in control

I am calling in response to "Disappointed reader" editor's note. I believe if John McCain had won the office of president, your paper would have had a front-page spread. It was not printed because your paper is ran by Republicans, the "moral majority." Well, looks like the minorities are now the majorities and we do have morals.

Also, everyone has a right to be married, and yes our kids will learn all about it. God bless our freedom to choose and God bless America. And God bless our new president, Barack Obama.