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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 2, 2011
• Treat Old Glory with respect

I feel justified in shedding a little light on the subject of flying the flag. There are many rules of etiquette regarding our beautiful flag. Here's just a small bit from the handbook by the Amvets National Service Foundation: "It is the universal custom to display the national flag from sunrise to sunset on buildings and stationery flag staffs in the open. It should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement unless constructed of weather materials. The U.S. flag may be displayed at night when desired to produce a patriotic affect and when proper illumination is provided. When the U.S. flag is such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning privately."

So my thought is treat Old Glory with respect.

• Why would we ever legalize marijuana?

Thinking about legalizing marijuana? I think it's really sad because our young kids ae around here and we have to smell this crap and it smells like skunk. Where's the Lord at in these people's lives? Our kids don't need to be on drugs and smelling this stuff and getting a high off it.

• CUSD wasteful in time and money

I just got a certified letter from the Ceres School District that I need to go down there and show verification of my income, which I am on food stamps, and I had already shown this. And this letter cost $6 so that was a waste of money; they could have sent an email which would have been free because they do have my email address. It just shows how money is going out the window when it could buy pencils. Now I have to drive over there, spend $3 to show them the papers again and they'll be okay. Ridiculous.

• We're just pointing out the obvious

I'm calling in regards to the "Quit whining about immigrants." I find it amazing that any time someone calls into "Sound Off!" and points out the obvious facts that illegal immigration is just that illegal, they seem to forget they're breaking the law. I guess by definition that would make you a criminal. But what I find criminal is that people come to this country and not do it the way that our laws have dictated that it should be that they can get government aid, whether it be food stamps, medical, housing assistance. It's not all Hispanics but the greater majority unfortunately is.

I just find it amazing that we continue to hear people say we're "whining" when we're pointing out the obvious. They come here because we dangle these freebies in front of them and give them this entitlement mindset. Whining is when you're speaking about something that is not factual.

The fact of the matter is these people have come to our country, sucking our system dry.