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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 23, 2011
• Protect farms to protect our food

When there's no farming, there's no food. And when you take away the farm land and build houses, then there's less jobs. We need our farmers for fresh foods here so we can have it at the Ceres park. By the time it gets to the grocery stores it's four or five days old and then it rots.

• Cops have a crappy attitude toward public

I want to comment on the article about the officer needing help. Ceres PD wants everybody to come together and help them but let's look back at their history of how they treat the community. What about when you're towing people's cars? What about when you have a real crappy attitude on people who don't know what they're going through. You want us to help you out? I think they deserve what they get sometimes.

• Crosswalks needed at all schools

I think the CUSD really needs to look into having crossing guards at the schools. The kids just walk into the crosswalk without looking to make sure the cars are stopping. It also backs up traffic when you have them just randomly walking out a few at a time. I have sat for 5-10 minutes waiting as a few kids at a time walk through the crosswalk and then right behind them is a few more, etc.

I hope it doesn't take a tragedy before the schools do something.

• Criticism lodged at Jacobson, Rushton

I am wanting to add my comments on top of Jeff Benziger's column, "Walmart foes should come clean." I support Jeff and feel that he made some intelligent points. But I was shocked at the response from Ken Lane who is supposed to represent all residents, not do the bidding for Food4Less. I was at the meeting when Mr. Lane almost caused the entire Walmart deal to fall through so I am not surprised at how eager he is to jump up and defend Food4Less. I wonder why Save Mart and Food4Less have not gone on record to say they are not funding any part of attorney Brett Jolley's costs. Why did Lane have to do that for them? You know the old saying, follow the money. If I am not mistaken, I believe Mr. Lane has received campaign contributions from Food4Less.

Also wanted to add my two cents to Deana Rushton's harsh letter "Citizens for Ceres bullied by the editor." Hmmm, so let me get this straight. Miss Jacobson can act like a bulldog at public meetings to provide ample concerns in her shrill voice and the editor can't question the group's motivation? Interesting. Mrs. Rushton avoids Jeff's points by throwing stones and accusations, among them that the editor would squelch their freedom of speech. I have been reading Jeff's articles over the years and he has amply quoted their points of view and aired their grievances in print.

• Faith in humanity restored by Ceres

When you're an out-of-town or out-of-state visitor, the worst possible experience is to become an invisible civilian. All forms of identification have vanished, needed contacts have escaped into the ozone, all that is left is a miniscule mouthful of hope that "you" will be returned to yourself before the next sunset.

Sounds like an episode of The Twilight Zone. In today's technologically driven era, this is reality. Money, identity, family and just about everything else of personal value can disappear when a wallet or purse ends us missing. Thanks to you, Ceres, this misadventure ended positively for me! My wallet - with cash and credit cards - were turned into the Post Office and was returned to me! I cannot thank you enough! There are truly honest people in this world! You have proven this to me.

Again, thank you for returning "me" to the land of existence.

-Ian Snider, Prescott Valley, Ariz.

• Pastor didn't get the bigger parts right

The pastor who sent in the Mormon opinion needs to get his facts right; at the moment it seems that he is just ranting. Granted, many of what he says have some factual basis, but he gets some of the bigger parts wrong.

I would like to thank him, for he doesn't see what he has truly done, but to invite members of our community to ask questions of the members of the church there and to further the growth of the church.