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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 26, 2008
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• She has a chicken pet

This is to Jeff. You might be an editor but you don't know much about chickens. You see, they are useful many more ways than just laying eggs and having for dinner. I happen to have one as a pet named Betsy. She's not a dumb animal as you suggest at all. She knows her name and she comes running when I call her. Betsy not only lays an egg every day but she eats all the bugs in the yard and is a very loving pet. So you see, you know very little about chickens and I would suggest that everyone get one for their backyard. They're just wonderful, regardless of what Jeff says.

• Republicans are socialists too

In regards to the section about Mr. Obama being a socialist, it should be noted that in October Republican President Bush and Treasury Secretary Poulson created socialism in the United States under the Republican Party. This is something that maybe the conservatives in Ceres need to address in the future since we are drifting into the classic definition of socialism when government buys into private enterprise.

• Common sense is gone

Amazing how naive people can be. Your Wednesday article ("No faith in voters any more") was dead on. Common sense is gone. I am ashamed of the people here.

• Bad sportsmanship?

I'm sending this message to quarterback Josh Edwards. Josh, I call you out for saying it was "sickening hearing them celebrate like this." What if you had won? Wouldn't you be celebrating in a very gregarious way? I think this is very bad sportsmanship on your part and you should really think about this. After all, you are a leader of your team.

• Not the best coaching

I've been a resident of Ceres my whole life. College coaches get fired, professional coaches get fired. If they don't play a good team on the field they get fired. I don't understand why, for years, Ceres keeps muddling through with the same coach that loses time after time. Do all the kids in Ceres play that bad that the coach is doing the best he can with them? Or maybe the coach isn't getting the best out of the kids that he can.

I tend to think that we could do better. I mean, I don't know, this guy's probably not making a million bucks coaching football however he's not doing the best job for our kids. I see Garcia coming in for Central Valley and starting off with a good team and making everything better, just keep going forward.

I'm tired of being embarrassed.

• Change you won't like

I'd like to make a comment on "Wright got his wish" on Nov. 12. Unfortunately I agree with the caller. People wanted change. Well, they're going to get change. But tragically they're not going to get the change they hoped for. He is a socialist. I would bet on saying that everybody who voted for him did not research his history, which saddens me. I believe he was voted in because of his color, not because they wanted change.

• We can't afford bail-outs!

I want to sound off about all these bail-outs. We cannot afford them. We are already trillions of dollars in debt and our government is spending like drunken sailors.

Nobody can blame the current crisis in our economy on anything but Americans who overspent what they made. It's that simple. We wouldn't have had a housing crisis if everybody who was buying a home used their heads and didn't buy more house than they could have afforded. They also ran their consumer debt up higher than a kite. We were a nation expanding our economy on plastic and the plastic bubble burst.

Everyone needs to get their financial house in order and quit living like this. Pay off your credit cards. Get rid of your expensive toys that you can't afford. Move into a smaller and cheaper house and pay off those mortgages.

And lastly, quit expecting government leaders to bail out everybody. Why should I, as a taxpayer who did everything right, have to bail out those of you who are living in houses you couldn't afford? I would love to live in a nicer and bigger house but I can't afford to. And if I don't get to do that why should you if you can't afford it? I'd like to have a nicer and newer car but I live within my means. And so should you.

Another thing. Please, parents, quit giving your kids cars and things. That's where this entitlement attitude is coming from. Make your kids earn what they have. I valued my car and took care of it because I had to earn it! Give a kid a car and the next thing he'll be buying a house too big for his budget and want the government to bail him out when his mortgage defaults. Hey, consequences have actions!