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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 3, 2010
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• Kudos for Hidahl cafeteria

I attended an amazing school lunch activity today and just want to say thank you to the Hidahl Elementary School terrific staff. Inviting parents to have lunch with our children is a great way for us to see how the school lunch program works.

Not only do we get to see the excitement in their faces as they get to show us around, where they get to eat everyday and share a part of their school day with them we get to meet all of you too.

It was organized, the lines went fast and the food was really good. Great job and lots of applause to the cafeteria ladies - it's truly amazing what you do everyday. My daughter always talks about Miss Liz; after meeting her today I can see why she thinks the world of her.

Once again a big thank you to all for teaching, feeding, cleaning up after and caring for our kids. I hope you will have another day like today because I will be there again and will encourage other parents to attend as well.

• Grass doesn't belong in the streets

Let's keep our Ceres streets clean. All around town there are clumps of grass clippings sitting in the streets. According to city instructions sent in the mail, the city will not pick up grass clippings. Put the clippings in your green bin.

Notice, too, the city picks up short branches, leaves at the curb the same time recycle bins go out every two weeks. So time the refuse to be picked up then and not have it sit in the street so long.

• Big fan of Supercenter coming to Ceres

I really would like to see the Supercenter come in. I'm one of the biggest supporters. I don't want to have to go to Patterson to buy groceries. I've have went to Stockton because the store's completely different than the one on McHenry.

But also, people in this town would be stupid to think that this is not going to bring in revenue, that it will be a wash. I don't believe that and I don't think a lot of other believe that.

For the other store, why don't we try to find something that families can go to, like a movie theater, like kids' skating and keep them off the street.

Please think long and hard about this store. In my opinion, Save Mart's had all the opportunities in Ceres. As far as the other ones, they had their opportunity, they've been here a long time.

• Desperate to find son's lost pitbull

I'm calling in regards to my son's lost blue pitbull lost since Oct. 16, last seen Pine Street and Central, Ceres. We posted on Craigs list, put ads in the paper, hung signs, put up posters, drove around, went to the pound. It's been so hard to know that he is out there somewhere. We get calls from people who think they might have seen him but no hope yet. He is so sweet and loving and very missed. He has a black collar with tags that read Zeus. Please help us bring him home to his family, 544-8841.

• Doesn't Kline have a conflict?

I notice that they're saying the decision on the Walmart Supercenter in Ceres will be with the Planning Commission. I question that Mike Kline would be part of this decision when he works for a food company that doesn't service Walmarts but they service the independent grocery stores in their market area. I would think Mike Kline should step back and not even be part of the decision.

• Double standards with Democrats?

Let me get this straight. A liberal columnist by the name of Maureen Dowd called some of the Republican women running for office... "mean girls." That is interesting.

Dowd says that Nevada senatorial candidate Sharon Angle, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, California senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina, South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Vicky Healey, California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and other Republican candidates are "mean girls." She said when Angle was debating Harry Reid Angle told Reid to "man up." Dowd said that was mean.

Here's the case in point. Missouri senatorial candidate Robin Carnahan told Republican challenger Roy Blunt to "man up." Dowd said nothing about that encounter. That is interesting.

California democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown was overheard referring to Whitman as a "whore." There was not a peep from Dowd or the National Organization of Women about that dastardly comment.

That sounds to me like a double standard.

• Give park manager a break

About the caller who called in about the manager of Colony Park Estates, I wouldn't be so hard on the manager. They don't understand a lot of facts about that. She's been very nice to me.

Yes, there's crime here like everywhere but the company cut back the funds from when we had the real good security company in here. They only allowed her to have funds for a not-so-good security company.

The only reason she gives out notices because the company tells her to give out notices. It's her job.

• Leave service dogs alone in the store

Service dogs are not in the store for your little children to have fun with and to pet and to try to come up and play with them. And you should have, as a parent or adult, common sense to know that when a dog has his service badge or his vest on, that does not mean that the dog is in the store for your benefit, to send your children over to play with the dog. The dog is there to service its handler; that is the reason why the owners will say "no petting, please, the dog is working."

And I do not like that you go up to the manager and say you don't want a dog in the store when a service dog has to be cleaned every day. They have no hair dander and losing no hair and their feet are clean, unlike your children who has poopy Pampers on and spitting and snotty runny noses. I don't think they should be allowed in the store. I'd much rather see 110 service animals in the store because they are well behaved, rather than seeing and hearing crying kids all the time.