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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 30, 2011
• Wish old lady took the high road

To the sweet old lady who stood behind me at Rite Aid on Thanksgiving morning, I really wish you had done the right thing and turned in my receipt full of over $50 in Up rewards which I dropped. I wish you had taken the high road instead of thinking that it was meant as a gift for yourself. I hope you sleep well tonight knowing you ruined my Thanksgiving morning. If the roles had been reversed I would have most certainly turned the receipt in to the store so you could have retrieved it.

God bless you anyways.

• Coach has worked hard year round

Thank you Coach Tim Garcia. We all know how hard you and your work year round, all the late nights studying and recruiting. You guys are teachers of football. When the players believe in the coaching, they become play-makers. You coaches never complain about lack of talent. You guys create it. Thank you, coach.

• Politicians catering to illegal immigrants

Why should the term "illegal alien" become "undocumented worker"?

There's not a politician on the planet whose got the intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done which is close the flipping border. I can't stand to think about the family members who have lost their homes because there's no money for Americans.

• Sales flyer in Spanish does caller no good

It's Thursday, Nov. 17 and I just got back to my car in downtown Ceres where someone put a sales piece on my window for Club de Nutricion. Sorry, Leslie, I don't read Spanish and can't figure out why you'd slight me as an English speaker. Whenever I see ads and flyers all in Spanish, I feel like you are only catering to Latino dollars. My money is just as green.

• Put pressure on union stores in Ceres

I'm calling about "Agrees with editor over Walmart" ("Sound Off!" section on Nov. 16). I also agree with Jeff and the caller. Sounds like that's what the citizens of Ceres need to do - we need to start boycotting these local union supermarkets that are trying to keep us from having Walmart build the Supercenter. Hopefully we can put some pressure on them and get them to drop the lawsuit. I sure would like to see that Sherri Jacobsen publish in the Ceres Courier who is all involved in the lawsuit and how much they're contributing to it. Let's see if she's got the guts. I challenge her to publish the list.

• Groomer is not closing, does good work

I'm calling regarding Hot Dog grooming here in Ceres. It was rumored that they're closing. Hot Dogs does not plan to close. I've been bringing my three dogs there for three years now and the gentleman there does a fantastic job. He deserves a lot of business because he does a great job with dogs.

• Signs in Spanish irks English speaker

Last week I was driving past Payless Shoe Source at Hatch and Mitchell and noticed every single sign in the store were all in Spanish. If I'm not wrong, we live in America and since when do we need to speak Spanish to shop in our community? I think it's ridiculous that there was not one English sign in that store.

• Stonum pervert flies under the radar

There is a person who was convicted of having child pornography, not just one image but hundreds of thousands of images on their computer and in their home, and because witnesses did not come forward to say that he touched them, he could not be convicted of molestation. He lives on Stonum, right where dozens of children pass every day to go to school. He's not registered under Megan's Law. There was a police sting. He spent several years in jail. I just found this out and I feel horrible about it because the school doesn't need to be notified. He's disturbed and I think people on that street need to know about it. He was convicted of filming his female relatives in various states of undress in the bathroom.