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Sound Off! calls published Nov. 4, 2009
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• Why so many cops in chase?

I was calling regarding the Crime Digest (of Oct. 21). I noticed there was a chase that ended at George's Liquors and there were eight cruisers involved in this. Why in the world? Why can't they all communicate within all these organizations to where maybe three of them were there and there was maybe one of two Ceres cops? You guys need to think about how many cops were involved in this. If there were eight vehicles there maybe there's nobody watching Highway 99 where most everybody does 80 to 100 mph and races. CHP needs to look at how many employees were chasing after one car and come to the conclusion that this was a waste of taxpayer money in a chase. I'm sure Sheriff's deputies were there too.

• Cannella will make fine state senator

I believe Senator Cannella will do a tremendous job up there. He has led the city of Ceres in the right direction and his goal is to shift the district and hopefully the state in that same direction as well.

Though I am unknown in the political world, Mr. Cannella has my support and my prayers, that he may go up to Sacramento and represent his convictions as well as his faith.

• Learn good customer service

Today I called Bertolotti garbage and wanted them to pick up some garbage in front of my home and I just wanted to comment on the rudeness of the employees. The women were very rude, they put me on hold several times which hung up on me. If you're going to run a business at least courtesy and decency to be respectful to the people who are calling. We're the reason you have a job. We pay for our garbage every month so that you have a job. At least be professional when customers call. Don't be rude and ask people "Are you yelling at me?"

• How sad that floats couldn't go on track

Stand up Walt Hanline or Linda Stubbs or the principal, vice principal and staff. We parents, teachers and students want our school back. Five hundred parents, students, faculty and Ceres taxpayers had our Homecoming floats eliminated. The lame excuse was this: We didn't want to hurt the track with vehicles. How many years have we had floats? The ambulance didn't hurt the track. This is the final straw. We have let one person run our high school for too long. It doesn't work. All our activities are failing. The activities director's opinion and interpretation of the rules is just that: One administrator's opinion, not the controlling body of every school function and it does not require their control and dominance at every school function.

The high school activities director position is an overpaid and unneeded position. The Modesto City Schools activities directors lost their jobs due to budget cuts last year. Our community's hard-earned tax dollars fill this position in order to have activities for our high school kids. Let's save some money and eliminate the position.