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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 13, 2010
• Questions party affiliation

This is about Cannella. He's the mayor of town. His father was a Democrat. Isn't that good enough for him? Or are the Republicans giving him more money to be a Republican? Buy his way into office?

(Editor's note: Are you serious? Anthony Cannella has been a Republican for years because he has a conservative political ideology.)

• Consider this before legalizing pot

Before everybody jumps onboard and wants to pass the proposition to make marijuana legal, why don't we do a study and see how bad the second-hand smoke is going to be on babies and children and other people who aren't smoking it? If cigarette smoke is deadly, what is the effect of second-hand marijuana smoke?

• Supermom's does a great job

The employees at the Sutter Gould Ceres Care Center want to thank Supermom's Frozen Yogurt for the great yogurt social. Supermom's do such a great job and the yogurt is to die for. You cannot beat the quantity of each serving. They have the friendliest employees. We are so thankful they opened up right here in Ceres.

• Breast cancer group used distasteful term

Somebody called in and was talking about the little fight cancer pins in the schools and they have them confiscated. Well, you know the whole issue was the word "booby." Somebody used some very poor judgement and instead of having some respect and calling breasts "breasts," you would think they wouldn't use beer joint language.

We don't want kids using that language so if they're sending that into the schools then we have to confiscate them. I hope the whole issue dies and they get smarter people to run these campaigns otherwise we're not going to give them any money.

We're very good about donating to cancer research and awareness. But use some discretion!

• Remembers good old Ceres of long ago

(This comment was submitted online in response to our feature article "Betty Lee Taylor Baker: 79 years of memories.")

My father Carl E Triplett went to Ceres High school on Whitmore Avenue in the first class after the school was built. It must have been around 1914.

I started school at Ceres Elementary School in 1939. Walter White was principal then. I took trumpet lessons from Pop Cavinaugh and played in the elementary school band. I stayed with the same class mates all the way from first grade to freshman in High school. We moved to Newman then.

My grandfather moved to Ceres in 1906. He had 65 acres of grapes off of Turner road. All six brothers of my dad and his one sister attended Ceres schools.

I remember that it was a four-mile drive from Ceres to Modesto with nothing but ranch land between. About halfway along 99 Highway was an car race track.

I always loved movies. My parents went to Modesto seldom. We hardly ever got to see a show. Then they built the Ceres Theater. I would walk down there and go to the movies quite often Ikept a close eye on the building progress.

I remember Miner's store which was in the main block opposite where Central Avenue crossed 99 Highway.They sold everything in that store. I think Ceres Pharmacy is in the same place it was when I was a kid. I am 77 years old now.

I have written these memories down as I remember them. They are not in good order. I have not been in Ceres for some time. Its all changed now though.