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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 14, 2009
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• On lack of civility

(Regarding Jeff Benziger's column on "This 'me-first' attitude is very disturbing") the affects of bad behavior is not just a local concern, but has global implications. For example, I am not surprised that Chicago did not get through the first round of votes by the Olympic committee today. The respect for our country worldwide has decayed over the past 20 years due much in part to our growing lack of civility towards one another. This was made much worse by many of our political leaders and their likely corrupt, illegal, and "bullying" tactics both here and abroad. Recently, the ugly acts directed towards President Obama since taking office riddled with racism along with the perverse nature of our deeply divided Congressional representatives so vividly displayed on our 24/7 cable news intently focused on "highlighting bad behavior for ratings" does little to promote good manners or positive civil decorum. It bespeaks loudly of how importantly everyone in our country needs to reject the "me first" attitude, starting today.

(Editor's note: As far as talk about ugly acts directed at Obama, this is nothing new. For the past eight years we saw protesters march with "Bushitler" signs and banners advocating the assassination of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.)

• Glen Grove has great carrier

I live in the Glen Grove Court neighborhood and I do have to praise our Ceres Courier paper carrier for a great job done. He does his route on foot, pushing his cart, and every house on the neighborhood gets their paper, on time and delivered with a smile. Thank you for a great job done!

• Thank you, Chris Vierra

I wanted to drop a thank you note - Mr. Chris Viera offered his work at no cost to the city on a project that involved his personal profession. I have always known that politicians and people involved in all that world, are in it for a benefit of their own, however, I wanted to commend Mr Viera for offering his work in hopes of saving the city funds that are really not there. I hope my note makes it to the "Sound Off!" section. As voting time approaches, I just wanted to make sure that people knew there is someone that really looks out for their best interest and not just his.

• Thanks for stopping speeder

I'm calling to sound off about an officer who stopped one of these kids who was speeding of Argus High School. It happens all the time. Finally someone is doing something about it. It was Oct. 1 at approximately 9 a.m. and I just want to thank the officer for doing something about this because they (the students) do this all the time and I'm just concerned about the safety of the children at Walter White.

• No way is her view racism

Today was kind of the last straw for me. I saw the man in Congress stood up and said that the debates on illegal immigration are like the Holocaust. You know, President Obama, said when he was quizzed about the CIA investigation, "I can't stop this, it's out of my hands. The law is the law and I can't pick which laws I want to enforce." Well, when seven million illegals were given amnesty back in 1986 or 1987 that was supposed to be the last time. And the thing that people neglect to mention is that people are here illegally. They're breaking the law to get here. It doesn't matter what color, where they're from or anything else. I'm not a racist and I definitely thought the Holocaust was about one man thinking that Jewish people never had a right to live. None of us want to see anything "happen" to people who are here except that they go home. That we take our money that we have in this country and put our people back to work, American citizens. I don't know what else to say. I'm tired of being labeled or unAmerican because I don't agree with things that are going on right now.

We need to fine employers a lot of money for hiring illegal aliens. If they can't find jobs and can't get welfare anymore, they'll go home.

• Against Chavez name backers

I just wanted to make a comment and ask for a little bit of assistance. I'm reading my paper and on the front is talking about the Cesar Chavez Junior High School. You know, I'm like so many other people, I didn't do anything, I didn't say anything at the time that we probably should have because we really expected the officials that we elected would do the right thing. They were supposed to be speaking for us and they didn't. So could you do me a big favor right on the front page of the paper? Would you print a list of those who voted to name that school Cesar Chavez and those who voted not to name it that? So that when it comes time for the election I will know who to vote for. I could just cut it out and put it on my refrigerator for everybody to see when they walk in the house. They'll ask why do you have that on your frig? And I can say to them, "These are the people you're supposed to vote for ... because these are the ones who care about what you and I think and these are the ones who really don't give a damn."

Cesar Chavez never did a thing for me and my children but I know several people did in this community. And I know Wayne Salter did. And the Grubecks and the Salters are the finest people. They've given and given and given to this community. I don't ever remember seeing (Chavez) at an ice cream social or at the strawberry breakfast or the Street Faire. I don't ever remember seeing that man here for any reason whatsoever and we're naming a school after him.

(Editor's note: Of those running for School Board this year, Teresa Guerrero, Betty Davis, Edgar Romo and Mike Welsh all voted in favor of naming the new junior high school after Cesar Chavez. After community protest, trustee Eric Ingwerson called for the board to consider another name. His motion was supported by himself and Mike Welsh. It was opposed by Guerrero, Davis, Romo, Jim Kinard and Faye Lane.)

• Smile it could confuse them!

Maybe I live in a vacuum or perhaps I cannot see the true picture or again I may have my head buried in the sand. However with all the horrific news served the public through the media, I have a difficult time seeking out good news. The salacious, vindictive, back-biting, scandalous diatribes posted as "news" on TV or newspapers, either tells of dishonor by infidelity, greed, corruption or design, to name a few.

What we read, see and assimilate will color how we feel about the world (community) we live in. To almost constantly dwell on the negative creates the same atmosphere within our being.

My rose-tinted glasses glitter with anticipation when I am out and about in our community. Of course there are negatives, but I chose not to dwell on those, instead I capitalize on the positive.

As I entered the post office carrying a large box and my walking stick, a lady deliberately went back and held the door for me. She didn't need to, but it certainly was appreciated, a gift of caring for and about others.

At four-way stops, civility, with others going first in turn, is sometimes truly amazing to out-of-country visitors.

There is room for a lot of thanks in our daily lives. Look for the positive and encourage it by being positive in return. As the saying goes, "Smile, it could really confuse them."