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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 20, 2010
• Pay attention and look for cops

I'm calling about the Code 3 rolls. On a daily basis you see people all the time not pulling over and not yielding to emergency personnel. And I think the police do a good job and think that more people need to be aware of what's going on around them and situations. I mean, you see people all the time, they cut you off and do all this stuff. It's because they're not paying attention; either they're on the phone or texting, playing with their radio, yelling at their kids, whatever. People need to be paying attention to the roads, not everything else in the car.

• Thankful for Crows Landing Vet Clinic

I want to thank Dr. Karen Ross of Crows Landing Road Vet Clinic for helping me get through putting my little dog, Kirby, to sleep Friday afternoon. He was my miniatue Schnauzer of 14 years.

She and Dorothy were wonderful. I would have never made it without them. Thanks again, Dr. Ross, for talking to my husband Pete the day before. You helped him a lot, too, and for always being there for me.

I want to thank all the staff, especially Virginia, Lydia, Amy and all the doctors for providing excellent care for Kirby the last 11 1/2 years. I could always count on them.

• Yes, no more Obama supporters

Right on, Jeff. We need more Obama supporters like Custer needed more Indians.

• Problem with City Hall billing cycles

I've got a problem with the city of Ceres and how they do their water bills. I just received a bill in the mail the other day and the due date was 10/1 which was four days before. I want to figure why the city of Ceres does that.

Then to come out and charge you another $45 to turn your water back on after they shut it off the day you go pay it! It's crazy. I don't understand.

• Grateful for Ceres Police Department

Many times I see our Police Department get bashed. Last month my husband and I were involved in a head-on collision. It wasn't our faul; the other driver had fallen asleep. Anyway, I called 911 and the police were there within a minute. Not only were they efficient and caring, but one officer took me home and even carried my groceries inside while my husband waited for the tow truck. I don't remember the officer's name, but I want to thank him.

Our Ceres police officers put their lives in jeopardy each day to protect the citizens and I would like to give them a big, heartfelt thank you.

• The reason she feeds feral cats

I'm calling about the lady who feeds the cats. That's me and the reason why is they are at our house and the people who just moved next door wouldn't build a fence and they use our water and use everything else in our yard. Not only that, I have gotten every cat fixed with the ear cut so people would know and someone dropped off another cat and she had four kittens. I'll soon get all these cats fixed, counting the mom. If she would like to, I wouldn't mind having someone come over and adopt the cats if they want them.

I'm tired of cats running around. People get them and they don't seem to care to fix them. It's only $20 and they get their rabies (shot) and everything else.

• Vote every rascal out of office

This Sound Off is to the good citizens of Ceres and the surrounding areas. I would address all citizens of the United States if I had a bigger podium.

If you like the way things are going in our government, if you like being told what you can do whether you like it or not, if you like having someone else decide what kind of water you drink, what kind of protection you can offer to your family, just keep on doing what you have been doing and it will continue. But if you are sick and tired of the way government has gone, there really is something you can do about it.

The State Legislature is elected to run the business of this state. They are required by law to have a budget ready for the governor's signature by June of any given year. That is because the fiscal year begins on July 1, and there is supposed to be a budget in place and it should be a balanced budget. But for how many years have they not even had a workable budget in place? All they do is bicker about everything under the sun and do nothing about passing a workable budget.

In the last election (the spring primary) in one precinct in the city of Ceres there was a turnout of less than 4 percent of the registered voters. There were, of course, some absentee ballots requested in that precinct, but there was no way to tell for sure how many of those were returned.

Every legislator in Sacramento should be voted out of office and a new Senate and Assembly seated. You may think that would be a disaster to the have all inexperienced legislators up there taking care of business. But I ask you, could they do any worse than what we have there now? I, for one, will no longer vote for anyone who is seated in an office since I can see no evidence that they do what they were elected to do.

And, come to think of it, how do you like the fact that our U.S. Congressman does not even live in the district (or the state) which he represents. How can he be our voice, concerned with our issues, when he does not live here, does not hold town hall meetings, and just votes "yes" to whatever Nancy Pelosi spits out of her mouth?

Think about it, citizens. Why can't we work together and change some of the things we don't like about our government? We could if everyone would get up off their duff and vote.

• Focus on the thieves rather than trash

The manager of Colony Park Estates really shouldn't be throwing stones in a "glass" house. The manager is sending out notices to tenants about their yards not being kept up or dead vehicles parked in their driveways, but the truth is that their yard looks trashy too and the old maintenance truck is parked in the park as well. You really need to start focusing on the trashy people who live in you trailer park and start kicking them out. You know, the ones who steal from their neighbors and deal drugs. I think I'd rather have a dirty, unkept yard then, druggies or thieves in my complex. I don't live in the park myself, but I do have friends who do and I see all of these things going on every time I come to visit.

• No, allowing pot is not a good idea

Being a senior who has never tried marijuana and now they're thinking of legalizing it in the state... the state is thinking about this because the budget's in trouble and we need the sales tax revenue. I say money makes people do strange things so legalizing marijuana would be very strange. Gee, I can picture it now: After a holiday dinner we can all sit and pass the weed around and have that for dessert. Hmmm, weed and coffee. Doesn't that sound yummy?

I guess looking at it in a positive light, it would make Christmas and birthdays easy! ("Oh, thanks Gramma, an ounce of weed! Alright, just what I wanted!")

Then we'll have to think about all the poor psychologists and psychoanalysts; they'll all be out of work because we'll all be one big happy stoned state!

The state says it will cut back on crime? Yeah, right. They'll be breaking into homes to steal the stuff.

Oh, and you can forget about ever wearing a size 6. I hear it gives you the munchies! I guess that means we're headed to a real state of obesity.

I have no desire to smoke it or be around anyone who does.

Just vote no at the polls.