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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 26, 2011
• Walmart suit is uncalled for

This lawsuit is so uncalled for. It has already been voted on and accepted. Why doesn't Bret Jolley get a real job instead of making money off the Citizens for Ceres? And why doesn't Sherry go volunteer for someone who needs her?

There are over 10,000 people who have voted for this and 91 people voted against it. What is wrong with this group? Except for Sherri getting her name in the paper?

- Sherry Martinez

• Sixteen month sentence a joke

Regarding the careless pickup driver (Larry Dale Duke) 16 months? Sixteen months for a life? That's the price people can pay now to kill someone? Oh, but that's not even the good part. If he's good he can get out early. That is ridiculous!

It's amazing how the justice system works. Low-end offenders get the same amount of time even though they did not hurt anyone. But this guy runs over a few kids and it not even being his first time in some kind of automobile accident and he only get 16 months in prison and three years probation?

My heart goes out to the family and I'm deeply sorry that they have to go through this. I also hope that he will learn something from this but I do not think he cares.

• Heartbroken over editor's wife's diagnosis

I recently moved here from Fresno about three years ago. I live in Ceres, which I happen to like. But most of all I enjoy reading the Ceres Courier. I've come to enjoy reading your articles as well. So it touched my heart deeply when I read your article ("The call nobody wants to receive," published Oct. 19), my heart broke for you as a man feeling helpless, for your wife. And my heart sank for your wife as well.

I have never dealt with any kind of sickness upclose and personal so I cannot say I know how you feel. But from the way you write I can see. I am a visual learner; everything that I read, my brain, automatically brings up a picture and as I read each word my brain tells my eyes the story, that's why I like to read your articles. Your words are very visual for me. So when I read your story today my emotions came up through the words, and I could feel your heartache through them. But I wanted to tell you that I am so sorry for what you two are going through. And that you are very brave to tell a community your heartache and fears. I wanted you know that you and Karen are in my prayers. I pray for a full and speedy and complete recovery. Situations like this, I know are never easy, but you can get through them. God is there with you and Karen.

• Courier is a marvelous newspaper

I just moved to Ceres a year ago in December. My good friend brought me your paper, the Courier, and I'm reading the "Sound Off!" It's sad about this person who says he is not happy about the editorials. I love the paper. You know why? Because I want to know about the city I live in. I just moved here and I think it's a marvelous paper.

• Flag flyer represents those who serve

Shame on that individual who told you (caller of "Flag will stay up until troops are home" published Oct. 19) to take down your flag and thank you for representing us parents and loved ones of our servicemen and women because I have two Marine sons, one serving six years and another young son that just graduated from boot camp. So this mom is a proud mom. You show us you haven't forgotten us families and loved one. You keep flying our freedom flag until we all are safe.

• Not enthused with Ceres any more

I'm actually to leave a little comment regarding the city of Ceres in general. We've been a resident for about a year and a half now. It's Sunday morning, Oct. 16, and I decorated over the weekend for Halloween holiday that is soon to come. Wondered why no one else on my street really ever decorated. This is a nice part of Ceres; we live near Shushan and Garrison Drive. Well, as I woke up this morning I figured out why nobody decorates. Overnight, someone decided to steal all of my Halloween decor off of my front yard. I can't believe that someone can be such low lives that rather than going out and buying their own decorations that they would come and steal mine. Now I understand why there is no sign of Halloween whatsoever on my whole street. It's useless - you put it out there and then someone just picks it up and steals it.

I'm not to enthused with Ceres any more. My daughter - who happens to be a junior in high school - has been saying all along how we had moved to a ghetto. I'm actually starting to agree with her. I lived in Modesto for 20 years and never had to call the police one time and I've lived here a year and a half and already made three calls to Ceres PD. We have a lot of drug activity in our area and obviously a lot of people who don't have jobs.